The Appalling Disrespect Towards Money


Sorry not sorry, but I’m disgusted with the appalling disrespect towards money nowadays.

To put it bluntly, the emphasis on spending money has become completely out of control.

Instead of using money to save for a house or to acquire assets, money is a tool to display how amazing our lives are through social media.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but dinners out, new outfits, and new-smartphone mirror selfies🤳don’t do shit for your self-esteem when you’re broke AF.

To come right out and say it, most of y’all are spending more than you earn after taxes and living expenses.

I mean, you don’t need to be a friggin’ Physics Professor to understand 4th grade math!

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Blame Student Loans

In my opinion, the disrespect towards money begins in College and University.

Firstly, the fact that financial education is not taught during school still boggles my mind.

But secondly, the way students are encouraged to go into debt is just as bothersome.

In short, student loans create a broke person mentality before income is ever received.

And based on my observations, student loans cause hopelessness, which leads to reckless spending.

If you’re going to pay student loans for the next 10 years, why not pay credit cards too?🤷🏻‍♂️

Keeping Up With The Joneses On Crack

Keeping up with the Joneses is another key contributor to the appalling disrespect towards money.

But nowadays, “keeping up with the Joneses” is on an entirely new level thanks to social media.

Prior to the Instagram era, it was only possible to be jealous of your neighbours car and house.

However, now, you could track down your neighbour on Instagram and be jealous of everything they own.

In addition, we experience a bombardment of advertisements online and through social media like never before.

Our grandparents saw the odd billboard and commercial on TV. But in the case of millennials, our every move is tracked online and we are constantly advertised to accordingly.

Plastic Cards That Pay Points and Smartphone Payments

The arrival of plastic cards with “tap” technology has made it a whole lot easier to buy stuff.

If you’ve completed a payment with your Smartphone before, it’s likely that you don’t even remember how much you spent.

Smartphone payments have made buying so effortless that you don’t even notice, which is the point.

Furthermore, the credit card rewards system is something that I’m growing to despise.

I’ll admit that it does make you feel better about spending, because at least you’re getting something back in return.

But that’s the damn problem! It encourages you to spend more…

Mean while, the return on points is pure trash.

You must spend thousands of dollars to earn rewards, and there’s typically an annual fee as well.

With that said, credit card rewards may be worthwhile for someone who possesses self-control.

But using money that you haven’t already acquired decimates the value of it.

Wasteful Overpriced Services That Didn’t Exist 5 Years Ago

I’m not sure about you, but I value my money even if it’s only a $5 delivery fee.

For some reason, most of y’all don’t seem to give a care about paying an additional fee…

I mean, we’ve all overheard people say things like “it’s just $20.”


If you don’t value that money, straight-up, send it over to me! I’ll accept the transfer and proceed to invest it into the dividend business immediately.

Admittedly, I’ve experienced the most commonly used delivery app before, but I’ll never disrespect my money like that again.

Furthermore, am I the only one that notices that most delivery services are subpar anyways?

It typically takes longer for the delivery to arrive, they screw up the order more frequently, the food arrives cold, and of course, you pay more. Not to mention the fact that you’re paying more for the food in the first place.

To sum things up, wasting your money on overpriced delivery services is one of the best ways to end up broke.

The Disturbing Way In Which We View Success

Not only is the way we view success backwards, our distorted view of achieving success encourages debt.

Through our relatives, through school, and from our employers, we’re taught to perceive success incorrectly.

We’re taught to take on student loans and we’re advised to dress for success.

But why isn’t anyone telling the truth?!

In truth, the more successful in appearance, the more likely you’re dealing with a broke person.

Celebrities and athletes can support extravagant lifestyles since they earn insane amounts of income.

However, the average joneses can not afford an extravagant lifestyle.

As soon as you grasp this concept, you begin to interact with life differently.

You realize that folks with expensive cars and new clothes are NOT more successful. In fact, they are just more insecure and more broke.

On the contrary, the shabby looking person that you’ve never thought much of is the person you wouldn’t want to go dollar for dollar with.

Inefficiencies That Deplete Money

Day jobbing causes a considerable amount of waste on unnecessary travel and food.

I mean, it’s 2018 – isn’t it environmentally irresponsible to enforce a commute when it’s bad for the planet?

Furthermore, isn’t anyone else pissed off about the sheer amount of money wasted on commuting?

It’s understandable for physical jobs that require employees to be present. However, isn’t commuting to an office just throwing money away if the work could be done from home?

Mean while, I used to think the purpose of jobbing was to earn money to survive, provide for your family, and to obtain wealth.


Concluding Thoughts

Overall, the appalling disrespect towards money goes hand in hand with the “I need to make more first” attitude.

You know, the eventually mantra attitude where folks shamelessly proclaim that they’ll save after their next raise, but never do.

Moreover, money should be appreciated and valued because there are only so many working years to obtain it.

To conclude, the purpose of this post was to encourage a more respectful relationship with your money.

By valuing the amount of time it takes to earn money, and by refusing to waste it on inconsequential things, your money will begin to give back.

In turn, you’ll develop gratefulness instead of pursuing instant gratification, you’ll retain earnings, and you’ll become appalled with the Joneses too.

Question for the readers: Are you appalled with the way society spends money? What are the most wasteful things you’ve noticed?

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  1. Nice post. It is a balance though. My wife is a little less money conscious than me and sometimes that helps me from being too frugal and watching ever dollar. Agree on delivery. If I order local food, I would rather run over and pick it up to save the delivery fee. Of course, I’m probably making my own dinner at home to save on food expenses making pick-up unnecessary. Tom
    Tom @ Dividends Diversify recently posted…I’ve Heard Smoking Used To Be CoolMy Profile

    1. Hi Tom,

      Appreciate the comment! Money is definitely a balance that is different for everyone. Everyone has different values and different things that are important. To the the things that bring value to our lives. I think we should spend money on them. And that’s great that your spouse helps to balance you out. That’s really important. I also try to avoid spending out and ordering delivery when possible as well. But I do have the habit of buying a lot of coffees and lunches out. I’m not a fan of packed lunches because of the effort and time it takes in relation to how much money it saves. However, it adds up over time, and it’s certainly an area of opportunity for me. Thanks for stopping by man!

  2. Well representation of your thoughts! Same happened with me that disrespect towards money begins University days. Also agree with you on maintaining a respectful relationship with money and time.

    1. Hey Elfriede,

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! I appreciate the kind words, as the concept for this post has been playing in my mind for a few weeks. I’m glad it represents my thoughts well. And money is a relationship that requires respect and dedication like any other. Have a great day!

  3. I hate wasting and unfortunately we do a lot of it in our society (food being number 1) ! That drives me crazy.
    People will always try to keep up with the Joneses (who can’t afford their lifestyle either), It’s sad but that is the way our society is and social media made it so much worse. The sad part is that what you see is not what you get! And most people (kids) don’t seem to understand that.
    Caroline recently posted…Being 21 With $30,000, Who Wants To Play?My Profile

    1. Hi Caroline,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! You know what, wasting food is a huge one and I admit that I could stand to improve in that category. Also, you hit the nail on the head! What you see is not what you get! Like you said, most people (kids) don’t understand that concept. They fail to realize the credit cards, bill payments, stress, and debt is behind those social media posts. And they often fail to see the reason behind why people are showing off their lifestyle. At least we’re fortunate enough to get it. Have a great day!

  4. Hey RTC! Good Read! Couldn’t agree more with the University scams. I got an accounting degree (needed one to advance at work – why they didn’t pay for it, well, that’s another blog idea post) and Mr. DS decides to follow in my footsteps the following semester & get the same degree. Think we could share books? Nope – he needed to buy a new one. Same questions. Different people and names, “if Carlos is buying 4 stocks” Changed to Maria and 6…. Money waste! I don’t think all people disrespect money – it is a culture and is influenced by how we are raised. We are the only house on the block not decorated like Clark Groswold’s…I do still want to put 1 red bulb on a tree with a blue blanket below just to show we have some spirit and see if anyone notices. Mr. DS veto’ed that…next year tho I’ll try again! Lol. I don’t even pay attention to the celebs and athletes these days…(#sidehustlefocused!)..they take their turn at ending up broke as well once in a while and live in such a fantasy, blah! Hey man – get into cooking! Let’s see some meal preps from you to save $! 🙂 have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Mrs. DS! I’m glad you enjoyed the read. And I definitely see where you are coming from in regards to the accounting degree. Technically, if you want to retain good talent, you would think that a company would be willing to invest in their employees. On the bright side, an accounting degree is extremely valuable for career and personal use. But about the books, that’s bizarre! I mean, it’s not that I didn’t already realize that’s how the industry works. But it’s shocking that people are ok with doing that to the education system.

      I’ve also stopped paying attention to a lot of main stream TV except for basketball. I’ve got no cable, and I actually need a new Apple TV right now, so I haven’t even been able to stream Netflix and Youtube on the TV. But to be honest, I haven’t really cared much lol. Like you, I’ve been focussed on side hustles and investing. And you’re right, I should cook more.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I hope you and Mr. DS have a great weekend! 🙂

  5. Well, RTC, you made my day. Everything I wanted to say you said it in this blog about treatment of money by most people in this day and age.

    My favorite line from the blog: “money should be appreciated and valued because there are only so many working years to obtain it.”

    This is very true, especially nowadays. Gone are the days when one can expect to work for a large corporation till they are of a retirement age. There is no such thing as job security anymore. You are needed only till you are useful and cheap to your employer.

    The other side of the equation has to do with our own human capacity. As we get old, our interest and energy level changes. It becomes harder to switch to a different profession or career in your late 30s or 40s.

    Even though I loved engineering, after 20 years of working as an engineer I felt so burned out that I didn’t want to ever work for another company again. This can happen to anyone and in any profession. The demands of today’s always-connected workplace are extremely high and in many cases unsustainable.

    Technology is making everything so competitive too, you are not just competing with other people, you are also competing with machines. This means, you have to be at the top of your game all the time to survive and prosper. Even then, there are no guarantees the career you chose would not be disrupted by technology. We are now at the extreme end of the Moore’s law, where technology is doubling at exponential rate every two years.

    How do you survive all this?

    Ignore the financial stupidity around you. Think you have may be no more than 10 years of whatever career/job you are in, to make money. Be super smart with your money, treat it as a precious and limited resource rather than a spending tool. Save as much as you can, and use it to create more wealth by investing or starting your own business. Think long-term!

    1. Hey Mr. ATM,

      I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts! I’m really glad to hear this post made your day and that it resonates with you. It’s awesome to know that others see things the same way.

      I also appreciate you letting me know which line of the post you enjoyed. It’s really neat to be able to write something and hear feedback and different perspectives on it. I’m glad to hear that you value money the same way.

      And I 100% agree with what you said about it getting harder to adapt to different professions with age. Although I’m in my very early 30’s lol, I can already sense it becoming more challenging to adapt. I think that part of it is because you begin to understand yourself better. You know your likes/dislikes and strengths/weaknesses, and you understand your interests. I think that combination makes it harder to learn new things, because you already know what you want to learn more about.

      Regarding 20 years as an Engineer, that’s pretty cool and I bet you got to experience some pretty cool things. But I can understand needing a complete change after 20 years. Life is full of stages, and 20 years is a really long time.

      And I like your way of thinking! You must ignore the financial stupidity and not care what others think to reach FI. I do envision the thought of 10 years left of a career through making sacrifices. It is possible through a combination of income streams and maintaining low expenses. Money certainly is a precious limited resource that is not to be taken lightly. Thanks for the advice! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  6. “It’s just $20” – mofo, you know how much it takes invested to earn that much in a year in dividends from a solid blue chip company? About $1000.

    I’m not against spending money, just that it better be worth it. If I can do it easily in not much time then I will. I save paying for services on things that either take lots of time or require skilled knowledge. Or both.

    Otherwise, my money is sticking with me.
    Great post Graham!
    MrDoublingDollars recently posted…As You Become Financially Stable, Is Gold a Viable Investment to Add to Your Portfolio?My Profile

    1. Thanks for commenting, Mr. Doubling Dollars! I like that method of valuing money! It really makes you think about how much time and effort is required to save an extra $1,000.

      I totally agree with your stance on spending money as well. I’m not against spending it either. I just think it makes sense to buy things that provide value instead. Also, purchases should be in line with the level of annual income. There’s no point in overpaying for things.

      And sometimes it does make sense to pay for services for sure. But my money is sticking with me as much as possible too. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  7. More money, more spending is how most people see it these days. It’s time for our bonuses soon and everyone around me is already talking about how they’re going to spend it to reward themselves instead of saving up for something. There were even people talking about getting their 401k contribution REDUCTIONS into the system now so that more money isn’t taken out of their bonus check. I was confused by that as I always bump up my 401k contributions when it comes to the bonus checks so I don’t get taxed like mad.
    timeinthemarket recently posted…Investing in cryptocurrency seems too easy – the risks and allure of bitcoin and altcoinsMy Profile


      Thanks for sharing your experience with lack of respect for money. Your story on bonuses perfectly describes how the majority of people don’t value it. As soon as it comes in, they want want to get rid of it on stuff. I can understand your confusion because you have a plan for your money, while everyone else is just aimless. At least we have the benefit of learning from what we see. Thanks for commenting! Have a great day!

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