The 100th RTC Post: Connecting The Dots

Celebrating The 100th Reverse the Crush Blog Post And A Story on Connecting The Dots

Today marks the 100th post on Reverse the Crush!  A small milestone but I’ll take it.  To celebrate, I wanted to provide some background information on my blogging experience and then get to some of the best posts thus far.  For those that don’t know, I started Reverse the Crush at end of November 2015, and it was originally meant for a hobby to balance out the trading, but it quickly became a full time passion.

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I originally began blogging back in 2008 during College, and was immediately captivated by it.  I tend to get a little obsessive when I find things I like, so I actually tried to start 5 blogs right off the bat.  There was one called elitescheming, a basketball one, a blog about girls, a music one, and a collaboration one.  Upon finishing school, I attempted to start a clothing company with 2 friends and launched a blog called dapperlifestyle to build up hype.  The site had some success but eventually failed because of our collective lack of ability to execute as well as partner issues.  I was an active blogger on that site from approximately the end of 2009 to late 2011.

After the company failed, we lost interest, shut it down, and then I went corporate.  I worked 3 separate jobs for a large bank over a 3.5 year period.  It was an amazing company and great corporation to employees, but it’s not what I wanted.  While working in mutual fund sales and in the brokerage, you had to report any outside activities.  This meant blogging, social media, and any outside business activities required approval.  Otherwise you had to be somewhat mute online.  I even contemplated starting a blog under a fake name, and did, but never wrote one post.  I think it’s because the day job was actually squeezing every ounce of creativity out of me.  All of the ideas and passion just faded away while facing the soul-crushing grip of the man.  It’s like there was this constant mental block stemming from the commute, exams for work, and the pressure of the day job.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” – Steve Jobs

The point is I stopped blogging for over 3 years.  Which kind of cheeses me off because I’d probably be a lot better at it by now.  However, I wouldn’t have the same skill set I now employ and quite frankly, wouldn’t have much to blog about anyways.  Which leads me to my thought on connecting the dots.  Follow your passions!

Put it this way.  The only thing I’ve ever known was that I wanted to be an entrepreneur.  I studied business marketing in school because I wanted to start a clothing company.  I actually never had the intention of working as a marketer because I hate group work and despise presentations and public speaking.  But I loved branding, business, and wanted to start a company.

I actually remember during one of my presentations in school, I incorporated Twitter into the marketing plan and the teacher questioned it’s value!  This was only in 2008, but also goes to show how much things have evolved.  But as I was saying, you need to follow your passions.  Even though I didn’t end up in a marketing career or as a clothing designer, I learned so many essential skills that I’m using every day.

Through the failed company, I learned how to host events, how to use WordPress, how to utilize social media, and also about design.  I think having that design background of learning how to use Adobe Illustrator, designing shirts, and working with graphic designers has definitely carried over to the layout of this blog.

The truth is though, even if that company was successful, I couldn’t imagine doing something like that forever.  And while our site had over 200,000 views, we weren’t really offering much value in terms of blogging.

This is where the finance side of connecting the dots comes in.  After the company failed, I became infatuated with investing.  At the time, I was a massive Apple fan boy and worked for Rogers Wireless.  I saw the iPhone 4 flying off the shelves and saw that the stock kept rising, so I bought shares around $376 per.  I had no clue what I was doing but got really lucky and watched those shares quickly rise all the way up to $700.  For the record, I took some profits around $680.  Next, based purely off my early success, I picked up a copy of The Intelligent Investor.  That book changed my life and I started consuming books and information on investing.

I wanted to get the hell out of my Rogers job so I used my interest in the markets, my retail and cash handling experience, and my business marketing background to get a entry level job at the bank.  I completed the CSC course because I was eager to move up into a better learning environment.  After finishing the course, I moved into a mutual fund sales role.  I still didn’t enjoy the role, but at least I was in a learning environment.  Finally, I moved into the brokerage and took an interest in trading.  I also had to complete CPH, which was honestly the most boring course of my life.  Luckily the courses were paid for by my employer and I was a good saver during my tenure at the bank because about 1 year into this role, I quit.

I’ve mentioned numerous times why I quit on this blog.  It was a combination of unfulfilling work, the long commute, lack of time, and I literally had a mild melt down.  Really, I just got up one day and decided I couldn’t tolerate going back, so I didn’t.  I requested a leave and then pretty much paper traded to start figuring out what direction to take.  Then in November, I was compelled to start Reverse the Crush.

The 100th RTC Post: Connecting The Dots Click To Tweet

This time around, I actually had something to blog about.  I now have real experience and knowledge on everything from bank accounts to the financial markets.  After tying that in with my business marketing background, interest in writing, and creative side, I realized that blogging  was the perfect option for me.  The point is to follow your passions and work hard to learn a skill that you enjoy.  Eventually it will pay off.

I know it’s only been about 4 months of blogging, but this time, I don’t intend to ever stop.  Moreover, I thoroughly enjoy blogging and wanted to share that story for the 100th post.  And now, since I’ve been held back for all these years, I’m just so glad to be back.  My aim is to grow this blog and the community around it to eventually live a more location independent lifestyle.  Hopefully sharing value on trading/investing/blogging in the process.  Mainly though, my ambition though documenting this journey is to inspire and give others the jolt they need to chase their own dreams.

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  • Derek Syme

    Yes this is great. I always enjoy reading your posts and like that you gave a corporation the finger. They’re ruthless bastards and someone should fight back. Keep writing


      Thanks for commenting Derek and thanks for the support!

  • Jeff

    Congrats on your 100th blog post! That’s awesome. Keep up the great work! 🙂


      Hey Jeff,
      Thanks again for commenting! Glad to hear from you again. That trading video link you suggested is still helping me to this day so thanks again!

  • Adam @

    100 posts is no small feat. Belated congratulations! Keep up the great work. It’s inspiring

    1. Graham

      Hey Adam,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment!
      And it’s definitely a ton of work. But really,I’m reaching a point now where I want to go back and update most of the 1st 100 posts. The blog has evolved over time and those posts could use a refresh. Thanks again 🙂

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