SEO Tactics for Bloggers

SEO Tactics

Before reading this post further, you should know that I am NOT an expert on SEO tactics by any means.

I am NOT tryna sell you on a quick fix to boost your blog traffic either—I don’t have the solution to cure your blogging woes.

I am merely a blogger speculating on SEO tactics that have contributed to my own organic search traffic results.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I mentioned that I was considering writing a post about search engine optimization in the blog report for July. To my own surprise, 3 different readers commented that they would be interested in reading a post about the topic.

Although I’ve had some success with SEO, there are many bloggers out there who know a hell of a lot more than I do. If you’re new to the concept of SEO, my suggestion would be to read tips from multiple sources to look for common strategies that work well.

If you’re having a difficult time finding resources about search engine optimization, one of the best posts I’ve read is called ‘67 Best SEO Tips For Bloggers’ by Millennial Money. In fact, it’s such a great post that it’s worth reviewing again every once in a while.

In regards to my personal experience with SEO, this website has generated 1,839 page views from organic search traffic since January 1, 2017. Looking back over the past few months, I typically generate between 200 to 250 page views per month through organic search.

Frankly, those numbers don’t necessarily jump off the page or scream SEO expert. But as I noted in my recent traffic report for July, organic search traffic brought in the highest number of users during the month. To be honest, I was fairly surprised to find that statistic out.

Furthermore, I’ve been aiming for a blog that can generate traffic while on auto-pilot since I started working full-time again. In reality, having less time to work on my blog led to exploring SEO tactics.

Here is my current philosophy in regards to SEO:

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Minimize the BS – 3 Topics or less

I began to minimize the BS by getting rid of the social media accounts that didn’t generate enough traffic and I didn’t enjoy using (FB and Instagram). In my opinion, it’s better to be active and engaged on the social networks you’re the best at as opposed to being mediocre on all social networks. Since Twitter generates nearly 85% of my social media traffic, it’s more important to put time into Twitter rather than Instagram. However, social media accounts vary from blogger to blogger.

In addition to lowering the amount of social networks used to promote the blog, I took the time to narrow down the categories I blog about.

Admittedly, I started off blogging about too many topics.

It doesn’t sit well with Google search, nor will your readers appreciate it. To put it bluntly, they may struggle to know why to come back to your blog if there’s too many topics. Based on what I’ve learned, a blog should focus on 3 topics or less in the early stages. Since I’ve narrowed down the topics, I’ve noticed an uptick in engagement as well as organic search.

Use the Yoast plugin for WordPress

Not only will the Yoast plugin help you generate organic search traffic, it will teach you about SEO.

For bloggers who are not using Yoast, it provides you with step-by-step advice on how to optimize each post. Furthermore, it notifies you on how well your post is optimized by displaying yellow, red or green dots.

To be honest, I still need to optimize the majority of my earlier posts. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of yellow and red dots being displayed.

Add to, edit and update older content

In addition to using Yoast to optimize new content, you can use it to optimize old content too. According to a comment I received from Grant @ Millennial Money, one of the best ways to drive more traffic is to use Google Search Console to edit top ranked organic posts. Don’t take my word for it, though. Here’s the comment left by Grant on my blog numbers and income report for February 2017:

Nice!! The organic traffic on those 178 posts looks like it’s starting to compound a bit. Have you gone back and re-optimized any of those old posts that you see are driving traffic? That’s one of the best ways to drive more traffic – looking at the top organic posts you have ranking (using Google Search Console) and go back to edit them and expand the content. Then they will start ranking even better. Use all of your old posts – I think you should link back to them more too in your newer post. Keep it up! Great to see the momentum

For those that don’t know, Grant is an uber successful blogger, podcaster, entrepreneur and investor. His story has been featured on CNBC, Business Insider, The Washington Post and more. Check out his blog,  Millennial Money, and be sure to check out his SEO tips.

Link back to previous content in new posts

Furthermore on Grants comment, he also suggested to link back to older posts more often, which I’ve been focussed on doing.

Additionally, linking back to older content will help increase page views and lower your bounce rate.

It seems that Google prefers sites that are well organized and easy to navigate.

Comment on related blogs

I theorize that Google prefers active online users that are contributing to their chosen communities. Even the well known website ranker, Alexa rank, rates websites on how many external backlinks are connected to your blog.

From my own experience, I’ve noticed that more referral and organic search traffic comes in when I comment on more blogs.

However, if you’re using commenting on other blogs as a tactic, make sure that you are adding value and building relationships. Don’t leave BS comments.

Publish high quality content consistently – at least once per week

Lastly, and probably most importantly, you need to publish fresh content on your blog regularly.

I’ll admit that this is something that I’ve struggled with in the past due to time constraints as well as my preferred way to work. I like to set aside an entire day off to take my time writing a new post.

However, since I aspire to one day reach financial independence, I am beginning to push myself harder.

Since I’ve been back to work, I’ve only been publishing 2 to 3 posts per month on average. But as I stated in my goals for August, I’m aiming for at least 5 this month.

Concluding thoughts

Ultimately, my intention for writing this post was to share what I’ve learned about SEO thus far. In addition, I wanted to start a conversation about the topic so I can learn more.

I fully expect to add to this post as my knowledge and success with search engine optimization continues to expand.

Though I only mentioned 5 SEO tactics, there are a lot more tips that I could bring to your attention, such as adding ALT texts to images. However, I’ll leave it to Yoast to fill you in on that. Just download the plugin for WordPress and you’ll see.

In conclusion, I hope that you were able to find value from the above list. Since every bloggers journey is different, perhaps you’re already doing these things. If that’s the case, please feel free to share any tips for myself and the readers below.

Thanks for reading❕🙏🏻

Questions for the readers: What SEO tactics should be added to this post? What SEO strategies have you been focussing on?

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  1. Thanks, these are some very good tips and will try to follow them. Btw, I feel I’m getting more traction on twitter as well.

    1. Graham says: Reply

      Hey Mr. ATM,
      Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed the tips and hope they help. That’s awesome that Twitter is getting you more traction! For whatever reason, Twitter seems to be one of the more preferred social media channels for finance related bloggers. It’s a great place to find other great blogs and engage. Have a great weekend!

  2. I really need to get down and dirty with my SEO. Although my blog is sort of a side project, it is still my baby and I want it to do well.

    I do have Yoast, it is VERY useful for tweaking my posts.
    MrDoublingDollars recently posted…New Side-Hustle: Seeking Alpha!My Profile

    1. Graham says: Reply

      Hey Mr. DD,
      Thanks for commenting. I feel the same way about my blog. I enjoy blogging a lot, I use it as a creative outlet and I want it to do well. I would say Yoast might be the most important point up there. Best of luck with your blogging journey!

  3. All great tips. Love using Yoast. Haven’t found any other SEO tools quite as useful. And they keep updating it with new features too. Commenting on other blogs helps to build quality back links to your site as well. Takes time to build up generic traffic and learn how to use keywords properly. Thanks for sharing.
    Dividend Daze recently posted…Recent Buy – LTC Properties (LTC)My Profile

    1. Graham says: Reply

      Hey Dividend Daze,
      Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m with you on Yoast. I haven’t found a more useful SEO tool either. It’s actually taught me a lot of SEO just by using it. In regards to keywords and generic traffic, you’re right that it takes time to learn. In my opinion, it’s the same as with any career as it takes time to become an expert in any field. I’ve still got a lot more to learn about blogging, but my knowledge is starting to accumulate. Have a great week!

  4. Great tips man! I do use Yoast and find it very helpful. I haven’t gone back and updated posts yet. Just need to work on finding more time to post consistently. The people that can constantly add 3 quality articles per week blow my mind!

    1. Graham says: Reply

      👋🏻 Hi Mr. Defined Sight!
      Glad you enjoyed the tips! I struggle with posting consistently too. It’s definitely challenging to publish quality content that you’re happy with on regular basis. It is mind blowing that people post quality posts 3 times per week, especially with a full-time job. I’m slowly working towards publishing more. Thanks again🙏🏻 Have a great weekend!🌞

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