It Was Always About The Words

I’ve decided to steer RTC in a more personal direction as a development blog on all things progress related.

I realized earlier this week that, while writing in a more professional tone at work, the best part about blogging is that I get to create whatever the hell I want.

There’s a place for developing professional skills, and a place to focus on what I truly care about most, the words.

You see, what I’ve come to understand is that it’s always been about the words.

I’ve been parading around in the wrong masks; masks that neither fit properly nor do they fulfill the instinctual desires inside.

It took a year off to learn that the common denominator is and always has been the creative writing.

In further analysis, when reflecting back to my youth, even then was I smitten with the different ways available to arrange sentences.

It’s essentially about composing a sentence so immaculate that the words fit together as smoothly as a Steph Curry three.

The perfect sentence seems to come together in a way that is truly pure and spiritual. As a writer, good or not, these far away moments appear to be summoned from above.

It’s as though time stood still for a moment and you were able to grab a piece of it out of thin air.

Whatever power is out there has set the words free from the metaphysical place it had been locked. There is a godlike experience that occurs in these moments that allows one to lock these thoughts into the record books.

As Ernest Hemingway said,

“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

When it comes to my brief history with writing, there was never really a connecting the dots moment, though.

I cannot recall a time where I ever thought to pursue a writing career or ever that I even had a knack for it.

Frankly, I still don’t even know. What I do know, however, is the conclusions you are about to read here:

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The education system caused me to avoid writing.

On the other hand, there are a few moments in particular that I’ve never been able to forget. It seems as though there is one English class memory in each of my post secondary years that stand out.

One memory in particular is from Grade 10 because there was something an English teacher said that always stuck with me. I partially credit this educator as one of the main reasons I am so fond of particular words. I don’t remember any of the class lessons or the books we read, however, I remember one single moment as clearly as I remember yesterday.

He made a point to stop the out-loud classroom reading session to bring up the word ‘moreover’. He claimed it to be his favourite word in the English language and I have forever respected his passion.

Ever since then I too have appreciated the word ‘moreover’. I’ve always found myself seeking to find my own favourite words ever since. For the record, my favourite word right now is ‘seemingly’. There’s not a lot of places where it fits right, but when it does, I jump at the opportunity.

Admittedly, my interest in writing started with song lyrics.

It was actually around grade 4-to-6 that I developed a taste for hip hop while I was searching for a way to relate. From an early age, I was always respectful to them but never took kindly to authority figures. I think it’s that attitude that led me right into the lyrics of Eminem, Tupac, Biggie and Dr. Dre. After all, those are the artists that really paved the way.

I can remember waiting up past my forced bedtime so I could tape record my favourite songs to listen to them on my Sony Walkman the following day. I would cipher through the lyrics searching for a connection, even though there was no real connection to be found back then—I was too lacking in experience to truly relate.

My first crack at writing was really on MSN.

For those of you 25 and younger, MSN was never even a thing. But the borderline millennials that were around for it’s inauguration know how big a deal it was. As the oldest sibling in my family, I would routinely hog the household computer to chat on MSN after school. It was there that I began to get a taste of putting sentences together in a way that was useful to my life.

I’ve always written to cope.

I started keeping a journal back in school because I’ve always thought documenting was cool. Furthermore, there are moments I was worried I’d forget.

After a while of the journal it sort of manifested into an obsession. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I recall waking up from colourful dreams at 4 AM to write. And I’m not exaggerating. I would wake up to a dream so vivid that I could no longer sleep and had to write it down. It was also around this time that I developed my first concept for a novel—very few people know this but there’s even a working title.

But that all came to a halt when I found blogging in early 2008. Through no word of a lie, within a week of reading my first blog, I started one of my own. The domain was which is actually still an active domain. It appears that someone scooped up the domain but kept the site headline as is—‘The Collection’ appears upon reaching the domain. What’s even more telling about my love for blogging, though, is that I proceeded to start 4 more blogs shortly after. I really wanted to be a full-time blogger right away, but I ended up giving up on all those blogs except one in an attempt to start a company. It all makes sense now.

I’ve always liked to write letters.

I wasn’t able to locate a quote, but there’s an old adage about always hiring the candidate who is the best writer. It’s one of the reasons I think that it’s easier for me to get jobs—I can write one hell of a cover letter.

I don’t like the majority of my writing so far.

I don’t know about how the majority of the blogging community feels about this, but I truly detest the bulk of my writing.

Reading some of my old work is like staring delusion right in the face.

Yes, there are lines I’ve written and thoughts I’ve put out that I’m proud of, but a lot of it makes me sick to my stomach.

I either didn’t take enough time to properly edit or there wasn’t enough reason for actually writing it, making it read more like a text book.

There’s nothing worse than uninspired writing or any kind of uninspired art for that matter.

In reality, it’s the reason I’m not a successful full-time blogger. There’s a lot of blog posts that I could write that would force me to forget my artistic integrity. And frankly, as I’m attempting to articulate in this post, I only care about the creative writing.

I care about it for the love of it and because I’m so fascinated by the great authors of the past. Authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Bukowski, Ernest Hemingway, and Hunter S. Thompson lived some of the most compelling lives to have ever existed. I write so that I can improve and for some of the reasons stated within this post.

Moreover, I tried being an entrepreneur but it was always about the words.

It took a year off to realize the never not working lifestyle is not for me.

In this short, tribulation-filled life, my personal experience continues dropping hints that life is better lived when you only care about the simpler things.

There’s a vitality found through locating the life that makes you tick.

This post that you are reading here and now is the result of letting go of the status-orientated pressures.

I was finally able to write this post by letting go of what it was suppose to be so that it can become what it actually is.

All I had to do was stop trying to force what was scheduled and just put my soul on the blank page.

I blog for the love of writing and because I believe I have a perspective worth sharing.

As I stated in the beginning, RTC has become a personal development blog on all things progress related. I intend to continue to use this blog as a vehicle to improve and to share thoughts in an original way.

Question: What is your favourite part about blogging and why did you start? What have you learned from it thus far?

  • Black pepper abroad

    Nice post RTC and personal reflection. I felt the same way about English class gowing up. The biggest put off for me was reading out loud in class. Being shy as well did me no favours. It’s funny how things work out. I ended up in sales after completing my HR certificate. In all fairness I thought HR recruitment was about helping people find work but I quickly realised it was resume promotion to paying clients. All the things that I feared and disliked about school came back to haunt me. Surprisingly I took the challenge head on and did well. After 7 years I was tired of chasing the money and writing stuff for people I knew little about. Answering your question, this is how I found an interest in blogging, vlogging and sharing my passion for travel and the outdoors. Keep up the good work! Btw, MSN what a trip down memory lane.

    1. Graham

      Hey BPA,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment and share a bit of your story. It seems like a lot of people enjoy writing but did not take kindly to English class. There’s got to be something wrong with the system if a lot go people feel the same way.

      It is funny how things work out. I still can’t believe how the year off worked out so well. It led me to a much better suited occupation. It’s still leading to more. And that’s unfortunate about your experience working in HR. It’s too bad that it wasn’t what you expected, especially because you were looking to help people. But I’m glad you were able to make it work for you. Sometimes a good attitude can make all the difference.

      Thanks again fro sharing what drew you into the blogging. Have a great week 🙂

  • Derek Syme

    Nice post, man; I enjoyed it. It made me feel guilty about being away from writing for a couple weeks due to a new job and course projects and exams due. But now is time to get back. I love writing too. I love how it takes your thoughts and puts them on paper in a linear fashion. It summarizes how you’ve been feeling over the last few weeks. It bring clarity. And if it reaches out to someone and improves their life, that’s a great bonus. Nice post.

    1. Graham

      Hey Derek,
      Thanks for commenting brother. That type of guilt is all too familiar man. We talked about it recently… It feels like you owe something.

      And about writing. It does bring clarity. Writing actually improves my written and verbal communication. I’ve been reading a lot of F. Scott Fitzgerald lately which is making me enjoy it even more. He has to be one of the most under appreciated genius to ever live.

      But it sounds like you’re going to have some extra time coming up now that your course is done. Looking forward to reading your blog posts again. Let’s get some adult beverages over the holidays.

  • Dividends Down Under

    You are seemingly have a philosopher of sort’s brain in a younger body, moreover your deep writing is powerful and makes one think 🙂

    It’s a shame that school could be such a power for good yet stifles a lot of creativity out of us. I’m glad you’ve found the place where you want to be – great! Keep doing exactly what you want to do.

    I love MSN, best place to chat on the internet. It’s a shame it’s gone, but I understand why.

    Anyway, I get what you mean about the older work being different – but we (probably) are getting better with every month, so don’t feel bad about it. It shows how good you are now 🙂


    1. Graham

      Hey Tristan,
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

      And your first comment…. Wow! Thanks buddy. I’ve been told I have a bit of an old soul but never something that good. Admittedly, I’ve been reading a lot lately and I tend to emulate and pick up writing styles pretty quickly.

      MSN was great but it does make sense as to why it’s gone. I have Skype chat at work which is similar.

      And it’s all about improvement. As long as we are both moving in the right direction then I can be happy.

      Also, I think we have talked about this in comments before, but it has been more difficult blogging and commenting since being back to work. Saturday is becoming the day where I get the bulk of my blogging work done. I’m working on building a new routine and habits. I’ll be stopping by your blog again soon. Hope all is well 🙂

      1. Dividends Down Under

        No worries Graham, we will be around for a very long time – not going anywhere. 🙂


        1. Graham

          Haha good to know, Tristan. Thanks again 🙂

  • Mr Defined Sight

    Deep stuff man! I am glad you are finding out what really makes you happy and eliminating the other BS. I’m anxious to hear how the new job is going. A future blog post I presume? 🙂 Take care!

    1. Graham

      Hey Mr. Defined Sight,
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I think these “deep” blog posts are the most fun way to write. It’s just fun being creative with writing and seeing what people think of it.

      And thanks for asking about the job and suggesting a blog post about it. I do plan to write about it because my perspective has been completely different since I’ve been back. I’m just more grateful in general. And I’m enjoying the role so far. Happy holidays 🙂


    Hey Graham, I am glad you know what you’re passionate about. We are truly at our best when we write about what we love.

    I started blogging because I wanted to share what I know, but then I realised it was a very soothing and calming experience when I put my thoughts into words. So I decided to keep at it!

    1. Graham

      Hey T,
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. It’s so true that we are at our best when writing about what we love. Passion leads to dedication and a desire to get better at your craft.

      Thanks for sharing your beginning with blogging. I totally agree that writing is calming. I literally use it to deal with problems lol The process of removing thoughts from your head and organizing them in a way that makes sense is very therapeutic. Hope you keep it up! Happy holidays 🙂

  • Ditching The Grind

    Great post! Might be my favorite on your blog. So many things resonated with me. Looking back, I dislike much of my own writing as well, but occasionally I’ll string together a phrase or sentence that just seems to flow perfectly. These ideas seem to come almost randomly and I jot them in a notepad, hoping to use them one day.

    I’ve realized doing freelance projects that I don’t really enjoy writing as much when I’m constrained to other people’s topics. Partially because of that, I’ve really begun to enjoy editing where I can transform someone else’s work into something much better.

    Hope all is well. I’ve got some catching up to do on my blog reading.

    1. Graham

      Hey DTG,
      Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed it and it’s cool that it resonated with you. I feel the exact same way about stringing together a phrase or sentence. Occasionally I “think” that I’ve made something truly incredible. I jot down those ideas in my phone notes.

      I am definitely the same with freelance projects. It makes it a lot more difficult to start with a title and write from there. My favourite writing is random and inspired by what I’ve been reading and what has been happening in my life. That’s awesome that you enjoy editing. I think it’s fun too. It’s fun to use thesaurus or make a sentence flow perfectly..

      Thanks for the great comment! Everything has been going great with work and life, but I am behind on the blog. However, I’m starting to get emails on paid writing gigs and sponsored posts. Been working on some new posts as well. I’m hoping to catch up on my blog and reading around the blogosphere this week. Hope all is well with you too!

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