Five Reasons to Never Settle

Five Reasons to Never Settle

The chance at a commonplace life is slowly beginning to elude me.

I’m at an odds with the world and in contradistinction with the universe.

Whoever is in charge has seemingly disqualified me from all of life’s regular festivities.

But wait, hold on a second.  What the hell are you talking about, Graham?

Well, through observation, I’ve noticed that every single human being I’ve ever come in contact with has gotten married recently.  Like literally everyone!

And I’m not talking about the high school sweethearts now.  No, no.  Those folks are long married by now and possibly even divorced at this point.

What I am referring to are the people that settle for less.

Not to mention the people that make irrational decisions to save their relationship.

But to put it bluntly, all I can say to all those impulse decision makers out there is good fucking luck!

If you’re still reading by now you’re probably trying to compute what’s being said.  You might be wondering who this is directed at or be expecting me to divulge personal details.

But unfortunately, I can’t comment on any details right now.

However, I can divulge that I’m sick of settling for shit and just as sick about everyone else settling for it too.

Further, why do we get to this adult age and suddenly start to put up with so much BS?

How come fear becomes more of a driving force than happiness?

Why are you going to marry the person that’s not even honest with you?

When are you going to start living on your own terms?

For how long will you continue to stay at the job you hate?

When the hell are you going to stop saying no to that trip you’ve been planning?

I know those are some pretty loaded questions, but they’re not coming out of thin air.

I’ve witnessed multiple couples get engaged recently following an infidelity.

There are countless people that complain about their employer, yet do absolutely nothing about it.

I’ve seen so many people so concerned about what others think, they never truly start being themselves.

That said, there are lot of other things you could be settling with as well.

It could be a job that you’re unsatisfied about.  Or it might be that you’re unhappy about your health.  Perhaps it’s something tangible like allowing yourself to get a new iPhone.

Whatever it is, here are 5 reasons to never settle.

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You Won’t Be Happy If You Settle Anyways

Too many people favour hope over practicality, which is the reason for the impulsive, short-sighted decisions.

Don’t you realize that having ONE day to look forward to won’t save your relationship?

Proclaiming your love and dressing up isn’t going to change the fact that you’re not compatible.

Try not to fall for the short lived ride.  It’s fake and will leave you worse off then where you started.

Life is too Short to Settle

Our time on this planet is way too damn short to be settling on things that don’t improve life.

Focus on the best and eliminate the garbage.

Settling is Choosing to Fail

If you settle on something, I truly believe you are giving in on that area of your life.

You are literally accepting failure before even trying your hand at something else.

Don’t allow yourself to succumb to the pressure of others.

Settling Will Come Back To Bite You

You might think that settling is the right thing to do, but trust me, it will come back to bite you in the ass.

Settle for that job that you don’t like and you’ll be stuck with those skills.  You’ll never develop any other skills to attain more appropriate employment.

Settle for a partner and they’ll probably leave you anyways.

Going to the cheaper restaurant instead of the quality restaurant will always leave you disappointed.

Settling Stunts Growth

What if, by taking the safe route, you are actually being harmful to your personal growth?

Because frankly, the moment complacency sets in, you’re done for bud.

Make sure to develop the right skills and always continue learning.

Final Thoughts

This post was actually scheduled to be published on Thursday to meet the goals for the month, however, the majority of the writing got erased around 10:00 PM while attempting to finish up this post.

For some reason, every time I’ve tried to update a post over the last 2 plus days, I get a failed notification.

At first I thought it was my own fault, because to be honest, I was more than halfway into a bottle of Pinot Noir while writing.

But it turns out there is a real problem.

I’ve even gone ahead and reached out to Bluehost for assistance.

Nevertheless, after 2 days, I’ve finally found a way to get it published.

In conclusion, the point of this post is not to say getting married is wrong, it’s to raise awareness about the ability to alter your path.

It’s ok to work at a job you don’t love if it’s a stepping stone, but only as long as there’s a longer term plan in place.

You don’t have to settle for a mediocre boss or or a half-assed relationship.

Never listen to someone that says you can’t.

Seriously, though, fuck that!

All you gotta do is find out what you really want and then go for it.

Question: What’s holding you back from doing what you really love?  When is it ok to settle for less?

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  • Divi Cents

    Ahhh, writing while drinking wine! Is there anything I enjoy more?
    I usually wake up and have to delete all my post though.

    As Tyler Durden would say “Never settle, never be complete, let the chips fall where they may”

    1. Graham

      Hey Steve,
      Thanks for commenting! And I’m glad we agree on wine and writing… I’ve got some drafts that I wrote that definitely aren’t a good fit for this blog lol And you’re right about having to edit/delete a lot the next day. Great quote! I should’ve included that. That’s brilliant.

  • Dividends Down Under

    Sorry to hear you were having so many problems Graham (and even more when you initially posted this). Technical problems are so annoying, particularly when all we want to do is write!

    Those are all great reasons not to settle; life goes by quickly and if you’re not doing what you actually want to do – what’s the point?


    1. Graham

      Hey Tristan,
      Thanks for commenting!
      The last few days have been so frustrating because all I wanted to do was get the post published for Thursday. It ended up taking me so long. But the issues seemed to have cleared up now. I had to clean up some of the unused plugins because too many actions were happening at a time. That’s at least what Bluehost explained.

      And so true! The years go by faster all the time time, so why not be spending your time on something you enjoy.

  • Derek Syme

    It’s tough for sure. People are always trying to pressure their relationships forward at the expense of the other person, so that their friends and family think they’re normal. It’s like having a credential or status to them. Some people feel forced to settle so the fighting stops, but marriage doesn’t fix problems. You should get married if you’re sure, not as some kind of fix. What I am against, though, is the having 2 people together that can’t trust each other because they are both just out for themselves. So they’ve grown comfortable lying to each other. Integrity is something real and people need that too. I liked this post a lot. I’m at the age where people around me are settling down hard, and I feel like I’m just getting going. Great post!

    1. Graham

      Hey Derek,
      Thanks for reading and commenting man!
      I was literally just having this conversation with my mother…. It’s so true that people try to pressure relationships so people think they’re normal. However, the pressure to be normal makes me want to go the opposite direction.

      Integrity and trust are of the highest importance in my opinion. Because without that you’ve got no foundation to build on at all. How can you be comfortable around someone you can’t trust?

      Also, I feel the same way. Most people are settling down and I’m going the opposite direction. Although I do have to admit, I definitely feel the pressure to buy a home, get married, and all that. Being different from the norm actually gets tougher with age. Thanks again!

  • Mrs. PIE

    Ah, technical problems – we’re learning about those!
    This post resonates with me a lot – and I kind of want to send it to a co-worker. I have a friend in a tough situation and I know she looks to me for advice. In previous tough situations I have advised her to change her outlook on thing she cannot actually change. This works for some things, but now she could really do with taking action and not settling. I just need to find the right way to tell her

    1. Graham

      Hey Mrs. Pie,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! And I’m flattered that you thought this post could help your co-worker. That would be really awesome if it was able to help her at all. And hopefully you can find the right way to talk with her.
      The technical problems were extremely frustrating. I had to delete and reinstall a bunch of plugins and that seemed to do the trick. It’s tough to deal with tech issues when you just want to write a friggin blog post lol. Hope everything works out for your friend though. Please let me know if she finds any value in the post if you do share it. Thanks again 🙂

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