Week-off Recap and FI Goals for November

FI goals

Perhaps I’d already be an FI blogger if I took the time to solve problems rather than write for myself.

On the other hand, success comes naturally if you can attract enough eyeballs to your product or service.

In the case of RTC, I write for the purpose of documenting.

I frequently publish blog posts about goal-settingdividend income, and blogging. And I occasionally scatter in creative blog posts when I find the time.

But even the creative posts are written out of personal interest. In fact, most of them are just over-edited, therapeutic venting.

Albeit, blogging has a very specific purpose for me – personal fulfilment.

Blogging has become a creative outlet to document the power of consistency.

I get to write articles on subjects I’m enthusiastic about. And I have the chance to be creative through style and presentation.

It’s also an opportunity to motivate by sharing how small steps lead to success through goal-setting.

And documenting progress happens to be the reason why I publish my goals each month.

Here are the FI goals I’m working on in November:

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FI Goal-setting for November

  1. Publish 7 Blog posts. Including this post, there are 4 blog posts already published in November. The reason I’m aiming for 7 is based on the remaining recurring blog posts. The plan is to publish the blogger analytics for October, the Clever Articles of the month, and the dividend income update for November. I do have a few more creative posts planned, but I’m not sure when I’ll get the chance to schedule those in.
  2. Save 12% of my net income. I understand that 12% is not a number that jumps off the page. Nor is it a number that will help me achieve FI. However, you’ll have to bear with me this month. The holiday season is upon us and I have some catching up to do. Furthermore, December is planned to be big month for savings. Stay tuned.
  3. Increase dividend income by $15.00. Once the new year roles in, I plan to readjust and take more control over my savings strategy. My goal is improve my habits so that I can get the minimum monthly dividend increase back up to $25. For now, I’ll have to keep it at $15 per month, which is about what I’ve been averaging.

Accountability for October

Begin a new stock position – Fail. I only added to existing positions during the month.

Save at least 15% of my net income – Fail. I only managed to save 12.3% of my net income in October.

Increase dividend income by $15 annually – Fail. But I was really close. I added $14.26 in annual dividend income in October.

Update 5 Images and Create a Resource Page -Fail. I updated 2 or 3 images on older posts. However, I failed to complete a Resource page.

Publish 6 blog posts -Fail. I ultimately ended up publishing only 4 blog posts in October. Admittedly, the anticipation of the vacation caused me to slow down. The 4 blog posts published in October are included below:

  1. Clever Articles on Blogging, Investing, and Financial Freedom #11
  2. A Blog Post about Sponsored Content that’s not full of S–T
  3. Annual Dividend Income Projections – Q3 Update
  4. Increase Income, Save Money, and Blog Better


Recap of my week-off

I chose the photo above as a reflection of where my mind was at prior to these last 9 days.

I needed to get away from everything and completely unplug for a week. Otherwise, I was probably headed for a breakdown.

As the last few hours of my staycation are coming to a close, I find myself wishing for another week.

It honestly feels like I’m just getting started. I just love this blogger lifestyle, and it’s easy to visulize spending my time managing investments and publishing 3 blog posts per week.

With that said, I’ll sadly take one last late night shower to remember what it feels like to shower after working on the blog all day.

I’ll stumble over to the local grocery store in shabby AF clothes one last time to reminisce.

It never hit me until this past week, but mini-retirement has completely shifted how I view vacations and time off.

Although I’m beginning to crave a warm, tropical vacation again badly, I find myself longing to emulate the lifestyle I had during my year off.

This past week has felt like a time capsule. Even though the days cruised by, they passed by as if they were in slow motion.

In fact, the writer behind this blog was off work for long enough to begin to see signs of life.

Though I won’t get the chance to experience an FI lifestyle again in the near future, I think that I got enough juice to keep me going for a while.

I was able to see the full vision of what day to day life looks like as a dividend investor and blogger. And it has reinvigorated me until further notice.

Concluding Thoughts

Another positive note about my week-off was that I earned Google Adsense income every single day.

Though it was only a small amount of income, it’s never been consistent this many days in a row before.

Hopefully that’s a sign of things to come if I keep putting in the work.

In regards to my failed performance with last months goals, I wasn’t too far off with 3 of the goals, and at least page views increased over September.

But the failed performance is also why the goals are being kept simple and precise for November.

The 3 goals are achievable and are targeted towards the fight that matters – reaching FI through blogging and dividend investing.

Questions for the readers: What goals are you working on in November? Have you taken any staycations recently?

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  1. You were really close on the dividend goal, keep it up!
    How do you manage your savings as a percentage of income? I have it transferred automatically out of my chequing to my saving’s account every pay day and once moved it is no longer available (well it is but you know what I mean, out of sight out of mind). It is what as worked the best so far and I keep increasing that percentage every couple of months.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Caroline! And I appreciate the support! Great question. I automatically have 10% transferred to an investment account. Once that portion is gone, it’s no longer available. I definitely agree with the out of sight out of mind expression. In addition to that automatic 10%, I also save a small percentages towards emergency and house funds. I just leave that portion completely in cash. Then I also have another brokerage account where my savings rate fluctuates. I have been trying to save a minimum of 20% recently but have been failing. Admittedly, I’ve been overspending in some categories and have needed to pay off a bit of debt, which is the reason for my lower savings rate. With that said, December should help me get back on track. I plan to establish a better strategy in the new year that is more in line with your plan to increase your savings every couple months. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Graham, glad to hear your week off allowed you to clear your head. We all need time away from the grind! I’m already starting to think of vacation ideas for the spring as it is getting cold here. Not ready for another grueling winter.

    Interesting point about your adsense revenue increasing. I always enjoy hearing from other bloggers that their income is on the uptick. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Hi Mr. Defined Sight,

      As always, I appreciate you taking the time to comment! The week-off definitely helped clear my head. I almost need to stagger my vacation time for next year so I have less of a gap between vacation time. Prior to this week in November, I haven’t been off since May.

      I can certainly understand wanting to escape the winter! I don’t mind the fall and early winter up until December, but once January hits, I want to escape to somewhere warm too. I’m also thinking of planning a tropical getaway next year. Not sure where yet though.

      In regards to the Adsense income, it’s still only a small amount. But I was listening to the Pro Blogger podcast recently discuss his early Adsense earnings. He said it started off earning 30 cents per days and it slowly kept growing. If I can keep up the consistency on the blog, hopefully my income will keep growing too. Have a great week!

  3. A year off must have been awesome. Im currently on a 3 and a half month off vacation and even though I have a baby to take care of, it feels great, It motivates me to work hard to be able to retire early. Although I’m not anywhere near when I need to be to retire, It makes me think of how amazing it’ll be to have time AND money to do what I want.

    Only 24 more years! (ouch!)

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Gabe! And you have no idea how awesome the year off was! Although, I don’t think a random year off to blog and have more time is impressive to everyone. For me, it was something I’ll always remember and it provided a peak at an entirely new way of life.

      I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your time off. Similarly to your 3 and a half month vacation, the year off really motivated me to strive towards early retirement. Even though you’ve got 24 years to go, at least you have a plan and time frame. And your pursuit of FI will lead to more options. You just never know – you might reach FI sooner than you think. Take care!

  4. Wow you were so close for so many of your goals Graham! I am certain you will crush it in December. I also didn’t know you were on a staycation! I think staycations are brilliant because they are a great way to recharge your batteries quickly and normally don’t cost so much.
    Terence@TheTirelessWorker.com recently posted…Are Your Yearly Returns Realistic?My Profile

    1. Hey Terence,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! It’s true that I was really close to meeting most my goals. Even though I marginally missed a few of the targets, at least I still managed to increase dividends, save over 12%, and make some progress with the blog. And staycations are amazing for the reasons you mentioned. It was extremely refreshing and I plan to spend at least 1 week next year again doing the same. Have a great day!

  5. I agree, I use my blog for more of a creative outlet too. Easier to look back and analyze your progress moving forward too. I also am attempting to go back and make images for my old posts. It is a slow process, I know. Hope things pick up soon and you make a new buy.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Dividend Daze! It’s great that you consider your blog a creative outlet too. I think it’s very advantageous to have an outlet to release thoughts. And updating images is a slow process, but it has seemed to help bring in more traffic. It’s always nice to have more content to share. Thanks for the support. Things will be picking up in December and I definitely plan on adding a new position soon. Take care!

  6. I’m currently on a 3 week leave from work due to my wife and I having our first child, and although sleep isn’t consistent right now, being home feels amazing! Definitely adds to motivation to work harder for the future.

    1. Hi Randall,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! Congratulations on your new born! Sounds like an exciting time for you and your family! And I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying your time off. Even though the sleep is not consistent, I’m sure it’s less stressful than being at work. Take care! 🙂

  7. Glad to see you taking some time off. It’s important to recharge and even gain new perspective on life and where you heading.

    You are aware of the progress you are making on your goals, that is more important than hitting each and every goal. You will get their eventually, it just takes time. Keep that visualization fresh in your mind of what the full FI would feel like, it will keep you stay focused on your goals.

    I’m rooting for you : )

    Take care

    1. Hey Mr. ATM,

      As always, I appreciate your thoughts and support! It is important to take time to recharge. And my thought process is the same as yours – I think that the act of goal-setting itself creates the awareness of what I’m working towards. The visualization definitely helps to maintain focus. It makes me wonder how other people get by without having a defined purpose or target.

      Thanks again for the support! Have a great day!

  8. I just got back from a little time off myself. Gonna love it when it is my permanent lifestyle in the not too distant future.

    Looking forward to what this little refreshment period has sparked in your writing, Graham.
    MrDoublingDollars recently posted…Someone Else Is Happy With Less Than What You HaveMy Profile

    1. Hey Mr. Doubling Dollars,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! I’m glad to hear from you! And I can’t wait until you reach financial independence in the not too distant future either. I know it’ll happen soon with your work ethic. I also appreciated that last line about what the time off sparked in my writing. At the time that your comment came in, I was writing something a little different. Looking forward to seeing what the time off did for your writing too! Take care man!

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