Dividend Income Updates

Here you can find all dividend income updates that have been published on Reverse The Crush.

Dividend income is covered under the dividend investing tab as well. However, I created this page to document every single income update until financial independence is reached.

Ultimately, the goal is to earn a monthly average of $1,500 per month, which will allow me to invest and blog full-time. 🙂

dividend income updates

2017 Dividend Income Updates

June 2017: $4.27 (read more)

July 2017: $6.34 (read more)

August 2017: $4.59 (read more)

September 2017: $8.28 (read more)

October 2017: $17.95 (read more)

November 2017: $5.14 (read more)

December 2017: $11.57 (read more)

2017 Dividend Income Total: $58.14

2018 Income Updates

January 2018: $28.26 (read more)