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  • Development Plan | 6 Goals for May 2017

    Every month on this blog, I document the current goals I’m working towards in order to organize my plans. After doing so for the past year, I truly believe that consistently blogging your monthly goals can lead to a more purposeful life. There’s just such an abundance of value to be gained by understanding the reasoning behind what you […]

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  • PD Update | Goal-Setting for April 2017

    April has finally arrived ushering in a new season of warmer weather and new goal-setting opportunities. Frankly, I wasn’t sure how many more of these dull, energy diminishing, bitter cold days I could possibly handle. I was walking home the other night and a cold gust of wind caught me right in the face. Seriously! It nearly forced me in to a violent rage. I was […]

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  • PD Blogger Progress for March

    Over the past year, this blog has largely become a reflection of my most current thoughts, and this post is no different. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a PF blogger—I’m a PD blogger—personal finance and investing have been increasingly on my mind lately. Without any consistent cash flow coming in during my year off, my […]

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  • Financial Goals for 2017

    I have been pondering my financial goals over the past few months as we all routinely do at the beginning of each new year. It’s an opportunity to start the year off with a fresh sense of optimism. Having said that, now that we’re pulling up on the tail end of February, the direction of my financial situation has […]

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  • 5 Goals for October

    For those of you that follow my personal Twitter account, you might have noticed some unusual behaviour as of late. Call it an experiment or whatever you want. However, what actually happened is much different than you think. You see, it was a friends move-in day. And we all know the chaos that comes with those events. I stopped […]

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  • Goals for September

    Performance review of the 5 goals for August  & 5 Brand-new Goals for September  I started off today by playing basketball instead of writing because I figured exercising, while enjoying what’s left of the sunny weather, would be the perfect way to start the day. But when I came back to write the goals for September and review the […]

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  • 5 Goals For August

    I’ve been spending a lot of time on strategy and social media lately, and to be honest, I’m totally enamoured by Snapchat now. I know, I know.  It’s not like it’s anything new.  There’s over 100 million daily users for fuck sakes. Snapchat has been around for a while now, but I was never able […]