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  • Development Notes and Goals for July 2017

    After spending the last few days listening to the “Listen Money Matters” and “The Dough Roller” podcasts, I’m extremely motivated to continue building my cash flow machine. The particular episodes I listened to both happened to feature Mr. Money Mustache of mrmoneymustache.com, and he was generous enough to share his philosophy on early retirement. Through […]

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  • Blog Report for April & May 2017

    Admittedly, my interest in dividend investing has been picking up, and my interest in blog numbers has waned over the past few months. However, it’s not that I’m losing interest in blogging. It’s just that dividend investing has to come first for a man pursuing FI. Although blogging is an important part of my journey to FI, I don’t […]

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  • Development Plan | 6 Goals for May 2017

    Every month on this blog, I document the current goals I’m working towards in order to organize my plans. After doing so for the past year, I truly believe that consistently blogging your monthly goals can lead to a more purposeful life. There’s just such an abundance of value to be gained by understanding the reasoning behind what you […]