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  • Blog Report for April & May 2017

    Admittedly, my interest in dividend investing has been picking up, and my interest in blog numbers has waned over the past few months. However, it’s not that I’m losing interest in blogging. It’s just that dividend investing has to come first for a man pursuing FI. Although blogging is an important part of my journey to FI, I don’t […]

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  • Blog Report for March 2017

    The more you simplify, the more life begins to flow. Be that as it may, to establish more of a cohesiveness with this blog and my life, I’ve recently narrowed down the blog categories to include only dividend investing, blog reports, and RTC development. Any other articles published will fit under the “more fulfilling life” […]

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  • Pondering The Domain

    Should I change the domain name? The purpose of todays blog post is to gain feedback in quest of blogging perfection. I’m looking for your help to put my restless mind at ease. You see, lately, I’ve been toying around with the idea of changing the domain name of reversethecrush.com to something different because of the […]