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Before reading the blogging resources, please note that this post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclaimer for more information. Updated for 2018.

blogging resources

I’ve been fortunate to blog on for more than 2 years now, which is a milestone in itself.

I’ve been able to learn a lot about blogging, and the pursuit to learn more has led to the blogging and investing resources below.

Please note that some of the links are affiliate links, which means I would receive a commission if you click through and sign up.

However, some of the services are free recommendations that have helped me with blogging and investing.


I have been personally using Bluehost to host for the past 2 years.

In short, my experience has been nothing but great since I decided to self-host my own blog.

Hosting through Bluehost is available at low price, service is fast, and they offer the ability to self-host through WordPress.

Furthermore, service is reliable and they offer great customer support.

If you’re interested in self-hosted your on blog through Blue Host, click here to get started.

From there, follow the steps in the tutorial I created to complete the process.


Canva is an App that I use to create all of my blog and Pinterest images.

Although many of the photos on this blog are photos that I took myself, Canva also offers free stock images.

Overall, Canva is an App that I would highly recommend checking out for creating crisp, professional looking images.

You can visit Canva’s website by clicking here for more details.


The blogroll was created to act as a resource page on financial independence, dividend investing and blogging.

Since I’ve been adding new blogs for over 2 years now, the list now consists of more than 70 blogs!

Click here to check out the blog roll.

The Intelligent Investor

If there’s one book that I would recommend about investing, it would most certainly be the Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.

Admittedly, the book reads a bit like a textbook, but I am confident that this book is the best investment education that money can buy!

Through following the tips and advice provided in The Intelligent Investor, I was able to set the foundation for my investment strategy.

Furthermore, I have been success with all but one investment since implementing the strategies of Ben Graham.

Click here to order this book on Amazon now.

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Google Finance 

The Money Show