Blogger Analytics Report for September 2017

Welcome to the blogger analytics report for September 2017.

Admittedly, I’ve been holding off writing this report for two reasons — the page views were less than in August, and I wanted to ensure October would beat September before I published this post — it did.

With that said, it’s time to review the September numbers and move along to the rest of the posts planned for this month.

If you’re interested in reading about why I share my blog numbers, you can check out the report for August here.

Here are the results for September:

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Blog Posts Published in September 2017

  1. That’s what the F—K you do!—To become a Successful Blogger
  2. View Yourself as a Business to Save Money
  3. Dividend Income Update #4 | September 2017
  4. Why I have no Choice but to pursue Financial Independence 
  5. Blog Traffic increased by over 102% — Page Views and Social media report for August 2017
  6. Personal Goal-Setting & Accountability – September 2017

Blogger Analytics

Blogger Analytics Report

**compared to August 2017 Blog and Social Media numbers**

All time page views on Reverse the Crush — 47,102

Page views in September — 1,651 (Down 806)

Unique page views in September — 1,385

Total users in September — 488 (Up 14)

Total sessions in August — 854 (Down 55)

All time blog posts published on RTC — 204 (as of October 29, 2017)

Overall Acquisition Channel Overview

blogger analytics

Breakdown of how blog traffic sessions were acquired during September 2017

Social Media — 353 sessions (41.3% | Down 50)

Direct traffic — 306 sessions (35.8% | Up 37)

Organic search — 128 sessions (15% | Down 14)

Referral traffic — 67 sessions (7.8% | Down 28)

Top Traffic Driving Social Media Channels

Twitter316 sessions (89.52% of social traffic)

Pinterest — 27 sessions (7.65% of social traffic)

Other — 10 sessions (0.99% of social traffic)

Social Media & E-Mail Subscriber Growth

**As of October 29, 2017**

Twitter1,978 followers (Up 60)

Pinterest412 followers (Up 17)

Google+15 followers (no change)

Email subscribers — 40 (Up 1)

Total social media followers and subscribers — 2,445

I greatly appreciate all of the followers and subscribers! Thank you.

Analysis of the Results

Admittedly, September was one of the best months for new content in a while. It was just one of those months where original ideas were flowing.

Although unique new content was published during the month, I ultimately failed to surpass the page views set in August. This struck me as odd considering the amount of new content that was published.

However, this led me to several realizations about increasing page views on a month over month basis.

Firstly, the first week of the month is the most important week. You need to start off with a bang and get a head start if you’re tryna increase page views on a monthly basis.

As you’ll see in the October results, page views increased thanks to a fantastic head start. I published a blog post about becoming a successful blogger on September 30th that led to 176 page views on October 1, 2017. The head start afforded by that post certainly made the rest of the month easier. I effortlessly surpassed page views in October while publishing less new content.

The second realization was the importance of execution. As much as I enjoy publishing new content at my own leisurely pace, the timing and consistency of when posts are published are two extremely important factors!

Marketing Strategies

Twitter: Ever since I started this blog back in December 2015, Twitter has consistently been my top traffic driver. Although I don’t have the same amount of time to dedicate to the platform as I had during my mini-retirement, I still spend a significant amount of time on this network.

In order to drive traffic via Twitter, I try to share 5 to 6 tweets per day with links to posts. In addition to sharing links to RTC, I’ve developed a keen eye for spotting relatable content. I try to retweet relatable content a few times per day as well.

In terms of what has worked for me, the most important piece of advice I can give is how to view Twitter. If you’re using Twitter to promote your blog, view it as micro-blogging for your own personal media channel.

I would also recommend engaging with others. Frankly, you should view every interaction as an opportunity to build your brand and learn from your community.

In addition, be original, be grateful for any likes and shares, use hashtags, and be creative with your Tweets.

Pinterest: Admittedly, I haven’t mastered Pinterest yet. But I’m beginning to figure it out. Over the past few months, I’ve been focussed on improving the quality of the images I Pin.

On the plus side, I’ve been noticing a steady traffic increase from Pinterest over the last few months. Best of all, it seems to be leading to quality traffic, because the visitors tend to have a low bounce rate and typically spend a fairly long amount of time on the site.

My plan with Pinterest is very simple: Build up more content and improve images. Once those goals are accomplished, I plan to purchase a year long subscription to Tailwind in order to Pin with more consistency.

Commenting and Relationship building: Frankly, the opportunity to build a like-minded community is one of the more compelling reasons to start a blog. As more of an introverted person with specific interests like blogging and dividend investing, it can be difficult to find people to have stimulating intellectual conversations with.

Blogging has helped to fill that void by connecting me with like-minded friends. To be honest, it’s pretty neat to be able to find a group of supportive people from different places around the world that you’ve never even met.

Though I do comment on other blogs to boost referral traffic, it’s also a priority because it keeps me motivated and helps me learn more about my interests. Furthermore, it helps to fill the void of those missing intellectual conversations.

Potential Marketing Strategy Opportunities & Considerations:

  • Tailwind subscription.
  • Purchasing keywords via Google Adwords.
  • Twitter advertising.
  • E-mail subscription offer.
  • Paying for professional logo and tag line for branding improvement.
  • Guest posting and guest posts.

Looking to start your own blog or self-host your blog? If so, I would recommend using the best host that I currently use, Bluehost. By using my affiliate link, you’ll get more than 50% off! If you do decide to use Bluehost to start your own blog, please note that I will receive commissions. With that said, I greatly appreciate every bit of support I can get, as it helps to cover expenses associated with blogging. To be honest, though, 100% of any commission I earn is going straight to the dividend business.

Concluding Thoughts

As I mentioned in the introduction of this post, page views increased in October 2017. I found this to be particularly interesting because I regretfully produced less content and missed most of the goals set for the month.

However, the failure to surpass the previous months page views provided clarity on the importance of execution. For example, the timing of when to publish blog posts significantly impacts the number of page views the post will receive.

I typically write and publish a blog post in a span of about 3 hours. For whatever reason, I enjoy the process of setting aside time to write and publish in one sitting. But recently, I’ve been attempting to write small portions of blog posts and have spent shorter periods of time writing.

Based on the importance of execution, the blog would probably be more successful if I published 1 blog post per week on the same exact time and day of the week. The consistency, the quality of the content, the amount of hard work, and the overall execution are the deciding success factors for bloggers.

Frankly, this is one of the reasons I tweeted that the format for the goals posts needs to change. Stay tuned!

Admittedly, it will be challenging for me to schedule blog posts rather than to publish them immediately.

And it’ll be even more challenging this week because I’m off work!

In short, if I can publish the goals for November, the blogger analytics for October, a few of the more creative posts I’ve been scheming on, and get ahead of schedule with content, it will be a successful vacation.

Questions for the readers: How was your blogs performance in September? What marketing strategies work for you? What’s your main traffic source?

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  1. Glad to hear things are on the up and up! October was our best month so far. Probably due to posting more content, engaging on other blogs, and Twitter. Also we have been updating older posts to hopefully improve them for increased SEO. We’ll see what happens. Always appreciate your transparency with your blog numbers!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Mr. Defined Sight! I’m happy to hear you had your best month with blogging yet! That’s awesome that you’re making progress. I still need to put more effort into updating older content. I’ve been making an effort to recategorize and update the images to share on Pinterest, but I haven’t been editing the content enough. Hopefully your efforts increase search engine traffic. Thanks for the support! Have a great week!

  2. The best thing about tracking progress is even if you are having a down or off month, you can still see improvements and see where you need to do more work. While your traffic may be down, the organic traffic is up. Which means your posts are making traction and the keywords are probably working. And looks each month you are doing better with pinterest. I am in the same boat where I am trying to optimize all my pages or create images for them. I feel like I don’t have enough content yet to justify paying for and having an automation system. We will see what happens.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Dividend Daze! That’s a great point you make about tracking progress because it’s such a great way to learn. And there are definitely some positives in terms of the numbers. There’s so much to work on that I’m constantly wishing I had more time. It would be so great to be able to see what I’m capable of if I blogged full-time again… It certainly sounds like we’re in the exact same boat with Pinterest. I tried the free trial of tail wind – it was great. But I don’t have enough content to justify paying for it yet. I am planning on purchasing within the next few months though. Best of luck with Pinterest and your blog going forward! Have a great week!

  3. Glad to see your blog doing well and traffic is up. I also like commenting on other people’s blogs, it gives me a sense of connection and builds relationships. Though, sometimes or maybe most of the time, my comments can be too long. I haven’t heard any complains yet, I do try to provide positive and constructive comments whenever possible as we all learn from each other, it’s hard for me to be just a cheerleader.

    Take care and happy blogging.
    Mr. ATM recently posted…Quick Update On TMy Profile

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Mr. ATM! I feel like my comments are too long as well most of the time. In my case, I always try to comment at least one line for every important point in a post I’ve read. And when answering comments, I try to acknowledge each point the commenter made. Fortunately, I haven’t heard any complaints yet either. In regards to your commenting, I’ve never found them to be too long, and I always appreciate your feedback. Considering that you’ve already reached where I’m trying to go (FI), I don’t take your feedback and advice for granted. And like you said, your aim is always positive and constructive. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  4. For reasons unknown to me Google does not automatically index my entire site. I had to do it manually. Glad to know you are doing fine.
    dividendgeek recently posted…October 2017 : Investment Portfolio StatusMy Profile

    1. Hey Dividend Geek,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. That’s strange that Google does not index your site automatically if you’re using blogspot for your blog. I had to enter the sitemaps created by Yoast manually as well. BTW, good luck with your goal to increase forward dividend income to $750. You’re almost there! Keep it up! 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing your blog numbers. I know we are not supposed to compare but it is nice to have some sort of benchmark to work with. My numbers are low but I am not using most social medias yet. I find it hard to find the time. Seeing your numbers from Twitter, it is next on my list. Any tips for someone who has never used it? Thanks

    1. Hi, Caroline! Thanks for commenting! I try not to compare my blog to other blogs as well. There are so many great blogs that started at the same time as me that are doing a lot better, and there’s some that stopped blogging altogether. Everyone has there own pace. That said, I’m glad you fund value in terms of a bench mark. I’ve definitely got benchmarks too and probably should be doing a lot better by now. In regards to Twitter, I would just say to engage with the other blogs that you enjoy. Try to share your own links and be yourself, but make an effort to share other content and talk to others. On the more growth side, I would suggest that you follow like-minded Twitter accounts with similar interests, try to “like” and retweet once per day, and try to offer value – even if it’s just offering positivity. That’s at least my strategy. Hope it helps. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      1. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you

        1. You’re welcome! I hope it helps.

  6. GYM says: Reply

    As always I love your detailed graphs! Twitter is my main source of social media traffic too! I like using it because it feels like you have Twitter friends haha 🙂
    GYM recently posted…GYM’s RESP Funding and Investing Strategy with TD E-SeriesMy Profile

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, GYM! I’m glad you enjoy the graphs! Thanks for letting me know. I agree that Twitter is the best social network for networking. A lot of people don’t like Twitter, but that’s because they have no value to offer. That’s the great thing about Twitter – if you’re not sharing value, and if you’re not creating relationships and engaging, no one follows you. I find those that prefer Facebook/instragram are not as committed to offering value. Instead, they offer selfies and seek attention for no reason. It’s not everyone, but that’s just my general take. And like you mentioned, you get to find like-minded Twitter friends. I’ve created so many great relationships through Twitter. Thanks again for stopping by. Hope your week is off to a great start!

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