Blog Traffic Increased by over 102%! – Page Views & Social Media Report for August 2017

blog traffic increased

Welcome to the Blog Traffic and Social Media Report for August 2017.

I’m happy to report that blog traffic increased by over 102% when compared to July 2017.

It just goes to show that putting in the work pays off.

Before I get into the numbers, I just want to briefly explain why I share my blog traffic reports publicly each month.

Here are my reasons:

To learn more about blogging. Through consistently analyzing how blog traffic is generated, patterns begin to provide insight on how your individual efforts impact different acquisition channels.

To maintain a business-like approach to blogging. As I alluded to in the previous report, publishing my dividend income and blog numbers is similar to how public corporations publish their own reports.

I enjoy reading about how others blog traffic increased. I’ve always appreciated when other bloggers share their dividend income updates and blog traffic reports. Personally, it helps with motivation, and it’s extremely interesting to learn about strategies that work for other bloggers.

Marketing. Though I didn’t enjoy all aspects of studying business marketing, I did enjoy writing business plans. Perhaps I wasn’t appreciative enough of the opportunity to study business marketing at the time—I spent a lot of time partying and tryna be an entrepreneur instead. But now that nearly 10 years has passed since school, I can definitely see how learning to write business plans translated into blogging. For whatever reason, I enjoy the process of producing content, figuring out ways to market it, and then analyzing that experience in a report form.

Integrity and transparency. Not only is blogging a creative outlet for me, it’s also the one place where I get to do things exactly how I want. I get to eliminate all of the bureaucratic bullshit! Furthermore, I get to operate the blog in earnest by avoiding stock photography or by making up fake numbers to sell readers on affiliate links.

Everyone has different goals and paths in life, and I respect that. However, this is the one place where I don’t have to succumb to any amount of money offered or pressure. For example, I occasionally receive paid offers to publish sponsored content on this blog. For those who haven’t received a freelance offer via their blog before, typically, there is a negotiation process.

To put it bluntly, earning money is not the only reason I blog. I mean, I’m willing to accept lower rates if I can help someone else out or provide value to readers. But, what I don’t appreciate is straight up disrespect. If you lack integrity and transparency, I can tell you right now that your offer is getting declined.

With that said, below is the blog traffic and social media report for August 2017:

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blog traffic increased

Blog Traffic in August 2017

compared to July 2017 Blog and Social Media numbers**

All time page views on Reverse the Crush — 45,451

Page views in August — 2,457 (up 1,246 | 102.89% increase)

Unique page views in August — 1,907

Total users in August — 474 (Up 169 | 55% increase)

Total sessions in August — 909 (Uo 401 | 79% increase)

All time blog posts published on RTC — 196 (as of September 9, 2017)

blog traffic increase

Overall Acquisition Channel Overview

Breakdown of how blog traffic sessions were acquired during August 2017

Social Media — 403 sessions (Up 201)

Direct traffic — 269 sessions (Up 144)

Organic search — 142 sessions (Up 8)

Referral traffic — 95 sessions (Up 48)

Top Traffic Driving Social Media Channels

  1. Twitter350 sessions (86.85% of social traffic)
  2. Google Plus — 27 sessions (6.7% of social traffic)
  3. Pinterest22 sessions (5.46% of social traffic)
  4. Other — 4 sessions (0.99% of social traffic)

Social Media & E-Mail Subscriber Growth

Twitter1,918 followers (Up 41)

Pinterest395 followers (Up 11)

Google+15 followers (Up 1)

Email subscribers — 39 (Up 2)

Total social media followers and subscribers — 2,367

I greatly appreciate all of the followers and subscribers! Thank you.

blog traffic increased -

Why blog traffic Increased

More blog posts. I set the goal of publishing 5 blogs in August but ended up publishing 6. Frankly, there’s really no better way of generating page views than publishing new content. In my own experience, there’s not another social media strategy or tactic that can compete with new content.

Free Trial of Tailwind for Pinterest. Since there are a number of successful bloggers that suggest Tailwind to boost blog traffic, I finally cracked and decided to try their free trial. Though I didn’t see any dramatic increases, I did get a small increase in followers, and I was able to see a few page views flow in from Pinterest. However, those increases weren’t even the best part of getting to experience the free Tailwind trial—the best part was the understanding gained on how to utilize Pinterest.

Increased effort and consistency with social media. Admittedly, I intentionally put in more work on social media in August. By reflecting on the social media numbers, I realized that I have built up a valuable sized network of bloggers that share similar perspectives on life and financial independence. I’m appreciative that I’ve been able to reach 2,367 followers and subscribers, and I realize that a small, connected network has the potentially to grow into something bigger. There’s a lot of value in being able to build relationships through social media about similar topics. Furthermore, it provides me with a platform that could contribute to reaching FI sooner.

Increased effort to read and comment on other blogs. In addition to being more active on Twitter and Pinterest, I also put more work into reading and commenting on other blogs. In total, I managed to comment 48 times on other interesting articles during the month. As a disclaimer, I don’t just comment for selfish reasons. I comment on articles that I truly enjoyed from bloggers that share similar views, interests and values.

Motivation and sense of direction for the blog. Through experiencing a few tough times in life and through taking a year off work, I was able to refocus and visualize exactly what I want. Now that I’m back to work and consistent cash flow is coming in, I’m able to build my dividend portfolio, which brings me closer to FI. Furthermore, thanks to an accommodating schedule at work, I’ve had more time to side hustle on this blog. As a result of having a laser-like focus in terms of what I want to accomplish, it has translated into the blog. To be honest, I’m just blogging about exactly what I’m doing. However, it works because the clarity makes it easier for readers to know why to come back.

Looking to start your own blog or self-host your blog? If so, I would recommend using the best host that I currently use, Bluehost, If you do decide to use the above link to start your own blog through Bluehost, please note that it is my affiliate link and that I will receive commissions. If you do, I greatly appreciate it as it helps to cover expenses associated with blogging. To be honest, though, 100% of it is going to the dividend business.

blog traffic increased


As stated in my goals and accountability report for September, my goal is to grow blog traffic again this month.

Also, don’t be surprised if an all-time high for page views in one month is surpassed.

In order to make sure that the goal is reached, I will use tactics learned through writing blog reports like this one.

Though it has been a quiet first week of September for the blog, I have a number of new posts planned that I look forward to sharing.

Questions for the readers: How was your blog traffic in August? What acquisition category generates the most traffic for your blog?

Thanks for reading!🌞 Please enter your e-mail below to get notified of new posts.

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  1. Looking good RTC! When are you going public so I can invest in your site? 😛

    Pinterest is my next elephant to eat. Any quick tips there? I started making my key images with canva. I did find and follow you on Pinterest last night though.
    MrDoublingDollars recently posted…Dividend Income Extravaganza – August 2017My Profile

    1. Thanks for the support, Mr Doubling Dollars! I’m going to hold off on going public for now because of the current market conditions. I’m thinking of delaying until sometime next fall lol jks.

      I’m still learning Pinterest too. In terms of tips, I would definitely recommend Canva, which you’re already using. I’d also suggest trying a free trial of Tailwind to get used to a posting schedule. I tried the free trial last month and got some follower growth. I’m trying to Pin without the free trial this month to see if it makes a difference. I would also suggest following and pinning to group boards, Other than that, I need to learn more as well.

      Thanks for commenting! Have a great week! 🙂

  2. Great results RTC. You’ve found the basic concept. Publish great content, interact with others, and increase your social media presence to drive traffic and reach new people. Those are some awesome results and it is exciting to see you post those figures. Keep on interacting with new people and keep on pushing yourself as hard as you can to watch your website grow.

    Take care,


    1. Hi Bert,
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate the advice and support! Just like you mentioned, I definitely feel like I’ve finally found the basic concept that is authentic to me. I just need to continue to hustle on the tasks that you mentioned. It is exciting to see this kind of progress. I need to keep working hard to maintain momentum. All the best with your website too!

      Have a great week! 🙂

  3. Awesome results my friend! August was a good month for me also in terms of numbers due to social media and posting more. A big thank you for sharing on Twitter! I did try my hand at Pinterest but I don’t really think that is for me. I’ve let that slack as I didn’t care for it. Anyways, continue the great work!

    1. Thanks for the support, Mr. Defined Sight! I’m happy to hear that August was a good month for you as well. It’s awesome that social media is helping with page views. As the summer months are typically slower months for blog traffic, I’m hoping that we can both continue to see traffic increases.

      Understandable with Pinterest. I’ve had my Pinterest account for probably a year and am only now starting to explore it as more of an option. Twitter will always be my go to, though. I just find it to be the best social network for engaging with others and finding valuable new content. Thanks for stopping by.

      I hope your week goes well too! 🙂

  4. Great job! You are killing it! Social media is huge and looks like your following is expanding at a pretty good rate. I still don’t really get this pinterest stuff but hear good things. Twitter seems to be my biggest form of traffic as well. And I just enjoy the interaction on it more. Think I may just be shy of 1k followers on it right now. Interesting to see that your referrals are the lowest form of traffic. Usually that is pretty high up there for me. But I also enjoy commenting on other blogs so I don’t really consider it “work” or anything. Glad to see you are growing the blog so well. Keep it up! Great update.
    Dividend Daze recently posted…Dividend Update – August 2017My Profile

    1. Hey Dividend Daze,
      Thanks for reading and commenting! I enjoy the interaction on Twitter too. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Twitter seems to be more about providing value. You only gain followers if you provide value and engage with others. Twitter also seems like it’s the generally used network for bloggers, FI chasers and dividend investors. Great job on building your following to nearly 1,000!

      It is interesting that my referral traffic is lowest, and I enjoy commenting on other blogs for motivation. Perhaps I should look at it as an area of opportunity. I could probably benefit by commenting on new posts earlier, commenting on more blogs, and by finding new blogs to comment on. Any tips on how to boost my referral traffic?

      Thanks again for the support! Hope you’re having a great week! 🙂

  5. Mr ATM says: Reply

    Hi Graham,

    Your blog numbers look pretty awesome. Over 100% increase in page views is quite amazing. I also admire and respect your reasons for blogging and the principles that you follow, it reflects on the kind of person you are.

    Keep up the good work!
    Mr ATM recently posted…How I am Protecting My Credit ReportMy Profile

    1. Hi Mr ATM, Thanks for your kind words about the blog! 🙏🏻 I appreciate you saying that in regards to the principles that I follow. It’s important to me that the blog authentically reflects the way I view life. Take care!🌞

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