Blog Report for March 2017

The more you simplify, the more life begins to flow.

Be that as it may, to establish more of a cohesiveness with this blog and my life, I’ve recently narrowed down the blog categories to include only dividend investing, blog reports, and RTC development. Any other articles published will fit under the “more fulfilling life” category.

After all, those main categories are the essence of this blog.

Those categories also focus on what I enjoy doing the most as well as what I’m the best at.

That said, my intention for reverse the crush is to provide a personalized perspective about goals, dividend investing, and blogging.

The purpose of simplifying the blog was to make it more clear for the readers, and to more clearly state what I’m working towards for myself.

Also, it was to eliminate any of the unimportant noise from my chaotic, twenty-first century life.

Most recently, I reduced the social networks used to promote this blog in order to waste less time and become more efficient.

Now that I’ve stopped associating Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat to an extent, with this blog, I’m able to put fourth more effort in to the social networks I’ve had the most success with.

The choice to focus on only Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ has led to page views showing up in the analytics blog reports already, whereas previous social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, appeared on blog reports sporadically at best.

Most important of all, though, Pinterest and Google+ require minimal effort, and Twitter is one of the only social networks I actually enjoy using. The other I like happens to be Snapchat, but instead of using it to promote the blog, lately, it’s become a channel to highlight my not so healthy diet and display how often I like to drink.

Like I’ve stated before, though, I’m focussed on the most appropriate individual choices these days. There is no point in worrying about what other people think.

Nothing will get in the way of becoming a blogger and dividend investor. I’m as devoted to reaching that goal as your average joe is devoted to raising his family.

In addition to narrowing down the blog categories and the social networks used to promote this blog, I have also been keying in to what makes me tick.

What’s even more rewarding about all this simplifying and cohesiveness, though, is the fact that it’s been helping me personally.

Frankly, it’s been helping me to lead a more purposeful life.

Not only is it easier for me to know what to write about on this blog, it’s easier for me to understand why I wake up and go to work each day — I know my WHY.

Moreover, the new found simplicity and cohesiveness is even beginning to spill over on to blog reports.

As you’ll read below, I have even rearranged the order of how the blog numbers are reported.

While I have routinely started with the social media growth numbers, I have altered that pattern to now having the blog traffic numbers be the first item on this report.

Why? Well, because it makes more sense in terms of it being a worthwhile report to read — the blog results are followed by how the traffic was generated.

From another bloggers perspective, the numbers presented below provide more insight and paint a better picture of how this blog generates traffic.

The numbers start off showcasing the all-time page views as well as the page views in March.

As you scroll further down the report, you will see how the views were acquired followed by a breakdown of the social media traffic.

All that said, why do I even share my blog traffic in the first place?

In case you missed Februarys report, the following reasons explain why I publish blog traffic and social media results publicly:

Transparency. To put it bluntly, this planet is absolutely full of compulsive liars. I mean, I’ve been lied to so many times that I’m delusional now — I don’t even trust my own friends. That said, I always try to give my friends the benefit of the doubt, but, I’m no longer offended or surprised when they lie. Experience has taught me that deception is just what people do.

Be that as it may, being a transparent blogger is one more way I can go against the norm. I’m a transparent truth-telling blogger in the online community, and see no reason to lie in real life either. I am who I am y’all.

Enjoyment. I enjoy reading and writing blog statistics reports. I liken my interest to blog reporting to be the same as playing franchise mode in NBA 2k — I play that game to improve my individual statistics too.

If you go back further, I fulfilled my desire to improve statistics and make progress by playing Sim City.

Additionally, since I’ve been out of school, I’ve always enjoyed creating spreadsheets for budgeting, dividend investing, and also for tracking my net worth.

Tracking the blog numbers is just one more avenue for me to explore my obsessive interests in statistics and documenting progress.

Networking. Straight-up, these blog reports generate a significant amount of monthly comments. Blog reports continue to be one of the most important pieces of content on this blog.

All bloggers can relate. No matter what the individual niche is, all bloggers can relate to Google Analytics reports.

Now that I’ve candidly shared my reasons for blog reporting, let’s get in to the results.

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Blog Traffic

All-time page views — 38,254 (December 1, 2015 to March 31, 2017)

Page views in March — 1257 (Down 71 compared to February 2017)

Users — 335 (Down 331 compared to February 2017)

Average Session Duration — 3:39 (Up 1:87 compared to February 2017 | Up 123.03%)

Bounce rate —60.08% (Improvement of 17.5% compared to February 2017)

New Sessions — 57.58% (Down 20.12% compared to February 2017)

Alexa rank — 3,415,128 (Improvement of 1,126,618 since February 2017)

Comments published in March (excluding my own) — 20 (Down 1 compared to February 2017)

Comments left on other blogs during March — 26

All time comments (including my responses) — 843

Blog posts published in March —

PD blogger progress for March

Blog Numbers for February 2017

All extra dollars to the dividend business

Acquisition Overview

Total Sessions — 521 (Down 304)

Social — 186 Sessions (Up 45 | 31.91%)

Direct — 157 Sessions (Up 18 | 12.95%)

Organic Search — 137 (Down 358)

Referral — 41 (Down 9)

Compared to February 2017.

Top Social Media Session Referral in March

  1. Twitter — 180 sessions (96.77% of all social traffic)
  2. Google+ — 3 sessions (1.61% of social traffic)
  3. Pinterest — 3 sessions (1.61% of social traffic)

Social Media Follower Growth

As of April 12, 2017.


@reversethecrush1742 followers (Up 48 | 2.83% increase)


@eludethe9to5374 followers (Up 11 | 3.03% increase)


Reverse The Crush14 followers (Up 2 | 16.67% increase)

Compared to February 2017.

Email Subscriptions

Total subscribers — 35 (Up 3 over February 2017)


Although March was a down month in terms of overall page views, I’m looking forward to seeing how the recent decisions to simplify will play out.

For example, the choice to operate less social media accounts has turned out to be an outstanding decision thus far.

In review of the blog numbers presented above, it’s remarkable that I’m able to generate that many page views while only blogging 3 times in one month now.

However, one more blog post during the month could’ve gone a long way in terms of improving the page views over February.

Howbeit, the best part of it all happens to be how suitable and naturally the new direction of the blog ties in to my real life.

I would focus on tracking my dividend income growth even if I didn’t blog, but blogging provides an outlet to document and be creative with dividend investing.

In regards to goal-setting, I’ve always written down my goals in a notepad anyways, so I started a monthly version of it for the blog.

Additionally, it’s based around the recently realized foundation of this blog — I am goal-setting to reverse the crush by becoming a blogger and dividend investor. Hence the “RTC Development” category (Reverse The Crush Development).

Quite literally, the goals are being set to reverse the crush towards financial independence by dividend investing and blogging.

Sorry if it comes off as a bit repetitive #sorrynotsorry. I’ve never be more certain about anything else in my life. Since that is the case, and based on how the universe seemingly works, I don’t think it’s possible to remind myself enough.

Question: How was the month of March for your blog?

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  1. Great post. Very intresting to read your all time page views and we’ll as how many followers on social media etc. Great page views this month for only 3 posts. That’s awesome! Keep it up
    Cheers crush!

  2. Graham says: Reply

    Hey PCI,
    Thanks for reading and commenting! It was a solid month indeed. I used to generate just over 3000 page views a month off roughly 20 posts. Although it’s nice to generate more views off less posts, I am working to getting the page views back to all time highs. Thanks again!

  3. March was good for me with the blog although I was sick for most of the month. So I definitely didn’t put as much time in social media as I previously did. I’ve been trying to continue writing quality content which I hope will spread the word to more and more people 🙂

    1. Graham says: Reply

      Hey MSM,
      Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well during March. But good to hear that the blog did well! Like you, I’ve been focussed more on quality lately. I’ve been updating and improving old content as opposed to writing new posts. There has been a bit of a shift in the theme of this blog since I’ve been back to work, and it resulted in lower views. Now that I’ve got more of a clear direction again, I’m hoping the numbers will improve. April results have been going well so for. Also, I’ve been enjoying the content on your blog as of late. Keep it up!

  4. Good stuff, Graham. Thanks for sharing. I hope April is shaping up to be a great month for you as well.

    1. Graham says: Reply

      Thanks, Cody! April has been going well. In fact, page views are already more than March. I’m looking forward to sharing. I hope April is going well for you too.

  5. I find it so interesting that you’re getting some traffic from Google+, I’ve never even tried Google+ haha.

    Slowly and steadily your stats are going in the right direction, it takes quite a while to see that noticeable upwards trend.

    Mrs DDU

    1. Graham says: Reply

      Even though it didn’t generate much traffic, I find it just as interesting as you do!! I honestly pay no attention to even trying to improve my stats with Google+. Traffic from Google+ is basically a bonus. When I publish a new post, I sometimes use Hootesuite pre-schedule and send out content to Twitter and Google+ throughout the work week. The one thing I’m extra happy about is the decision to simplify the social media accounts used to promote the blog. It’s so much easier to just focus on a select few. Thanks again! I hope your week is going well.

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