Blog Report for April & May 2017

Admittedly, my interest in dividend investing has been picking up, and my interest in blog numbers has waned over the past few months.

However, it’s not that I’m losing interest in blogging. It’s just that dividend investing has to come first for a man pursuing FI.

Although blogging is an important part of my journey to FI, I don’t want to view the blog as a primary source of income.

I much prefer working on the occasional freelance project as opposed to forcing the blog into a full time business.

Never say never, though. If the blog leads me to an opportunity that would allow me to reach FI sooner while still growing my dividend portfolio, I’d more than likely take it.

For now, though, I will continue prioritizing dividend investing while simultaneously using this blog as a creative outlet.

Additionally on blogging, it continues to help me with building digital communication skills, writing skills, analytical skills, and occasionally provides some extra freelance cash to throw at the dividend business.

Frankly, blogging has helped with a lot more than what’s mentioned above.

Not only have I had over 40,000 page views on the blog, I’ve been able to better understand myself through writing and interacting on it.

To put it bluntly, blogging is the central hub that helps me understand it all.

Let’s get into the report.

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Blog Traffic

All-time page views — 40,578 (December 1, 2015 to May 31, 2017)

Page views in April — 1523 (Up 266 compared to March 2017)

Page views in May — 801 (Down 722 compared to April 2017)

Comments published in April & May (excluding my own) — 22

Blog posts published during April & May — 5

All-time blog posts on Reverse The Crush — 186

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PD Update | Goal-setting for April 2017

Acquisition Overview

Total Sessions — 945 (April and May 2017)


compared to March 2017

Total sessions in April — 562 (Up 41 compared to March 2017)

Social — 185 sessions (Down 1)

Twitter — 184 sessions

Google+ — 1 session

Organic Search — 165 sessions (Up 28)

Direct — 158 sessions (Up 1)

Referral — 54 sessions (Up 13)


compared to April 2017

Total sessions in May — 383 (Down 179)

Social — 136 sessions (Down 49)

Twitter — 134 sessions (Down 50)

Pinterest — 2 sessions

Organic search — 118 sessions (Down 47)

Direct — 100 sessions (Down 58)

Referral — 29 sessions (Down 25)

Social Media Growth

compared to March 2017

Twitter — 1812 followers (Up 70)

Pinterest — 377 followers (Up 3)

Google+ — 15 followers (Up 1)

Email Subscriptions

Total Subscribers — 36 (Up 1)


As you can see from the blog numbers for April & May, Reverse The Crush slowly continues to grow.

Though the results from May drifted downward, June has already surpassed the total page views reached in May.

Moreover, the social media following, email subscriptions and overall direction of this blog continue to move forward.

Thank you for reading the blog report for April & May.

Question: How were your blog numbers over the past few months?

  • Dividends Down Under

    Thanks for posting Graham. Overall our numbers are a little down compared to the start of the year but that’s mainly because we have been posting less, although we’re trying to stick to at least one a week 🙂

    Keep going, we like reading your thoughts.

    Mr DDU

    1. Graham

      Hey Mr DDU,
      Thanks for reading and commenting. The down numbers in May were a result of me posting less too. Admittedly, I’ve been fairly distracted during May and June with the NBA playoffs. I’m looking forward to getting back on track, Thanks for the support! Best of luck with your post per week goal. 🙂

  • Francesca - From Pennies to Pounds

    Love this – you’ve been doing so well! Thank you for your transparency 🙂

    1. Graham

      Hey Francesca,

      Thanks for the support!
      I hope there’s some value to be found from the transparency. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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