Blog Numbers and Income report for February 2017

Since I lack the ability to write up a more elegant way of bridging in to it, I’m just going to come right out and say it — why the hell would anyone want to publicly post their social media follower numbers, blog numbers, and online income for everyone to see?


Transparency. By publishing my blog numbers and progress with blogging online, I am able to provide an honest look at blogging to those who are interested.

It’s fun af. I’ve always enjoyed reading other blog and income reports from around the web, so it was only right that I contribute to the community too.

Inspiration. To put it bluntly, a lot of the bloggers reporting their income online are making unfathomable amounts of money. On the other hand, I am a blogger who is fresh to the scene. I am only just beginning to generate online income now, so my reports offer a different perspective. Further, it’s always great to see how other bloggers are utilizing their platform because every bloggers road to success is seemingly different.

Networking. I was a little hesitant to say this, but, the statistic and income reports bring in a good amount of my traffic and comments each month. In fact, the statistic reports have been some of my most heavily commented on posts ever published on this blog. I guess blog numbers are something that all bloggers can relate to.

That said, have a glance over the numbers below, buds, then check out the concluding thoughts at the end of the post.

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📱 Social Media 

As of March 11, 2017 – comparison to the the blog numbers in January.


@reversethecrush1694 followers (Up 45 | 2.7% increase)

@gbellddsc1450 followers (Up 12 | .83% increase)

Combined3144 followers (Up 57 | 1.85% increase)


@eludethe9to5363 followers (Up 33 | 10% increase)


@reversethecrush_159 followers (Down 14)


Reverse the Crush12 followers (Up 2 | 20% increase)


Monthly Users February 2016 to February 2017

📊 Blog Traffic

All time page views — 36,997 (December 1, 2015 to February 28, 2017)

Page views in February — 1328 (Up 583 page views when compared to January 2017 | 78.3% increase)

Users — 666 (Up 420 | 171% increase over January)

New Sessions — 77.70% (19.11% increase)

Alexa rank — 4,541,746 (Down 2,328,141)

Comments in February — 21 comments

All time comments (including my responses) — 809

Blog posts in February — 4 (Up 1 over January 2017)

All time blog posts — 178 published posts

📈 Acquisition Overview

Total sessions — 825 (Up 441 over January 2017 | 114.84%)

Organic Search — 495 sessions (Up 361 | 269%)

Social — 141 sessions (Up 24 | 20.5%)

Direct — 139 sessions (Up 62 | 80.52%)

Referral — 50 sessions (Down 6)

Organic search has led reverse the crush in traffic for two month in a row.

💰 Blog Related Income

Google Adsense earnings (February 2017) — $3.04 (Up $0.93 | 44%)

Finalized Google Adsense earnings to date — $14.29

Freelance Income — $258.04

Total Income in February — $261.08

Total Income from blogging in 2017 — $407.04

📩 Email Subscriptions

Total subscribers — 32 (Up 2 over January 2017)

Concluding Thoughts

A review of this blogs numbers leads me to conclude that growth going forward will have to be accomplished at a slower pace compared to when I was blogging during my year off.

The amount of page views per month on average were significantly higher back then since I had more time to spend on blogging compared to now. However, now that I have settled back into the 9 to 5 lifestyle, page views are back on the rise.

More importantly, users and organic search traffic continue to grow. Users hit an all time monthly high of 666 in February, which shows that this small but engaged community continues to grow.

In regards to organic search traffic, it has now been the leading driver of traffic to reverse the crush for 2 months in a row.

Considering that Google Adsense income, Freelance income, Users, and organic search engine traffic each hit all time highs in February, I am pleased with the direction and future potential of this blog.

Questions: How was your February for blog traffic and income? What’s more important — a social media community or an email subscriber list? Should I be concerned about my Alexa ranking?

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  1. Wes says: Reply

    I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help but giggle because of the 666 in February…

    Yes, I’m a child at heart sometimes.

    Being serious now, thank you for posting the numbers. It may be the nerd inside me but I love reading about numbers.

    1. Graham says: Reply

      Hi Wes,
      Thanks for commenting! Also, 6 is my favourite number so I thought the user number was strange as well…

      I’m glad you enjoy reading about numbers as much as I do. I always appreciate when you post your blog stats too. Keep it up!

  2. naresh says: Reply

    I love reading income matter you are not earning very much but still good earning you have.I am newbie at blogging and hope to earn some cash in future.

    1. Graham says: Reply

      Hey Naresh,
      Thanks for reading and commenting!
      I am glad to hear you enjoy reading blog income reports as much as I do. Although I am not earning as much as some bloggers, I am really content with the direction and potential moving forward. Thanks again 🙂

  3. Great work Graham.

    I love seeing your site grow.

    1. Graham says: Reply

      Hey Steve,
      Thanks for commenting! I love seeing your dividend income grow. Have a great week! 🙂

  4. I too like looking at stats, it’s simple and straight forward for me. It’s definitely not easy to continue blogging with a 9-5, there is a lot to do with a lot less time. We just have to push and grind through it!

    1. Graham says: Reply

      Hey Terence,
      Thanks for commenting! Stats are definitely simple and strait forward. Numbers don’t lie. You are right, though, about grinding through it. Blogging with a 9 to 5 is a lot harder than I thought. Thats said, it’s mainly because I don’t like to cram writing into a small period of time. Rather than write in the early mornings or evenings, I find that I wait until I have a day completely to myself. It’s like you said, we have to push through. Thanks again! 😉

  5. I love when bloggers share their raw numbers, this is awesome! Your pageviews growth from January to February is really impressive.

    I’m with you though – I find blogging to be extremely fun, so even if I was disappointed by the stats I would blog anyway 🙂

    1. Graham says: Reply

      Hey Four Pillar Freedom,
      Thanks for reading and commenting!
      I am a big fan of of bloggers sharing numbers too.

      February traffic growth over January traffic was great. However, traffic has been down slightly since I’ve been back to work. I’m still working towards finding a balance so that I can be more consistent with posting to get traffic back up. That said, the February results are a step in the right direction. Thanks again. Have a great week! 🙂

  6. DivHut says: Reply

    You put up some pretty impressive numbers especially for your blog traffic. I’m impressed with your average session duration figure. People seem to stick on your site for a while. Keep doing what you’re doing. Things are definitely headed in the right direction.

    1. Graham says: Reply

      Hey Divhut,
      Thanks for reading and commenting! It’s good to hear from you. Now that I’m back to work and have more cash flow coming in, I’m looking to read as many dividend blogs as possible.

      Thanks for pointing out the averaging session duration figure. I’ve never really paid much attention to it to be honest. Appreciate the positivity! I’ll be sure to stop by your site soon. Thanks again! 🙂

  7. Nice!! The organic traffic on those 178 posts looks like it’s starting to compound a bit. Have you gone back and re-optimized any of those old posts that you see are driving traffic? That’s one of the best ways to drive more traffic – looking at the top organic posts you have ranking (using Google Search Console) and go back to edit them and expand the content. Then they will start ranking even better. Use all of your old posts – I think you should link back to them more too in your newer post. Keep it up! Great to see the momentum

    1. Graham says: Reply

      Thanks for commenting, Grant! I really appreciate the SEO advice.
      I have gone back and re-optimized some of the older posts, but have not focussed on the posts that I have seen driving in traffic. I will definitely spend some time going back to expand on the content as per your advice. Also, I am a big fan of everything you’re doing over on Miliennial Money. Your blog helps to keep me motivated. Thanks again for stopping by!

  8. I really enjoyed this, Graham. Thanks so much for sharing and for being so transparent. I plan to do the same with my blog. I am finding there are a lot of people who read blogs who really want to start a blog of their own and posts like this can offer inspiration and motivation to do so. Thanks, again. – Cody

    1. Graham says: Reply

      Hey Cody,
      Thanks for reading and commenting! I am looking forward to reading more from your blog as well. It would be great to see your blog numbers too! I have always enjoyed reading about the different ways bloggers bring in traffic to their site. I totally agree that statistics posts like this provide inspiration to bloggers that are just starting out. Thanks again!

  9. Thanks for sharing Graham, as a lover of numbers it’s always interesting looking at how other blogs are doing and growing 🙂 And it’s good to see growth everywhere.

    We’re earning roughly $50 from Google Adsense a month at the moment, very lucky for us.

    Mr DDU

  10. Graham says: Reply

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Mr DDU!
    I’m a big fan of numbers too. I enjoy documenting and seeing progress. Further, it’s great to see the different ways other bloggers grow their online communitys. I like to see month over month growth as well. However, these stats are still down compared to when I was blogging during the year off. I’m looking forward to sharing March stats soon.

    Congrats on your success with earning $50 a month from Google Adsense! That’s like a dividend payment. Thanks again!

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