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Best blog posts of all time

To keep track of the different stages this blog has been through, as well as the interviews and guest posts I’ve had the opportunity to be apart of, I decided to create a best of all time page.

One of the reasons I encourage others to start blogging is for the purpose of documentation. It’s interesting to reflect back on previous blog posts to see if you still share the same frame of mind.

It still kind of shocks me that this blog was formed through taking a year off.

The time off is an interesting chapter and I will always be grateful to be able to look back on the journey.

Moreover, the blog posts listed below were posts that received the most comments or are blog posts that are personal favourites. Additionally, since I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of several interviews lately, I also included outside content.

The following are the best blog posts of all time on reverse the crush, and also establish the foundation of this blog.


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