About Reverse The Crush

About RTC:

Reverse the crush began in late 2015 to quite literally reverse the crush.

Given the hopeless emptiness that had been occurring on a daily basis, I needed some time away from the soul-crushing 9 to 5.

To put this plan into action, I resigned from my position and proceeded to take an entire year off.

In order to make ends meet during my year off, I day traded crude oil and even completed a small amount of Freelance work.

Shortly after returning from a 7 day getaway in Mexico, I started this blog to document the journey.

Initially, the blog posts covered content such as day trading and eluding the 9 to 5.

However, since I’ve been back to work, the blog has become more focussed on dividend investing so I can get back to eluding the 9 to 5I want more time for blogging again.

Thanks to unique experiences had during my year off, I obtained a rejuvenated focus on my ultimate ambition; the ambition to become a financially independent dividend investor.

The other side to that dream is my interest in blogging.

The central theme for reverse the crush is built around the dream of financial independence through blogging and dividend investing.

For now, blogging is a place to document my journey towards FI through writing about dividends, goal-setting (development) and my experience with blogging.

I look forward to documenting the process of reversing the crush.

All photos and opinions are my own.

 Twitter: @reversethecrush | Pinterest: eludethe9to5