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About Reverse The Crush

About Reverse the Crush:

Reverse the crush began in late 2015 to quite literally reverse the crush.

Given the hopeless emptiness that I had been going through, I needed some time away from the soul-crushing 9 to 5.

To put this plan into action, I resigned from my position and took an entire year off.

In order to afford time off, I day traded crude oil, worked as a freelancer and used some of my personal savings.

Initially, the blog documented my experience with day trading and eluding the 9 to 5.

However, now that I’ve been back to work, the blog has become more focussed on dividend investing. My primary goal is to build a dividend income portfolio that provides for me so I can support full-time blogging.

Moreover, this is why the central theme for reverse the crush is focussed on achieving financial independence through blogging and dividend investing.

I look forward to documenting the process of reversing the crush.


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