About Reverse The Crush

About RTC:

Reverse the crush began in 2015 to quite literally reverse the crush.

You see, the soul-crushing 9 to 5 lifestyle had been demanding too much of me.

I was frustrated, without purpose, and unfulfilled.

Given the circumstances, I resigned from my position at the time and decided to start a blog to document the journey.

Initially, the blog posts published covered content such as day trading and eluding the 9 to 5.

However, since I’ve been back to work, I am once again blogging and dividend investing to reverse the crush.

That said, this blog attempts to provide a personalized perspective on dividend investing, blogging, and goal-setting.

Moreover, it has been centred around the pursuit of becoming a full-time blogger and dividend investor.

In order to break down the pursuit in to steps, each month I set goals under the Development category.

In addition to goal-setting and development, reverse the crush is a blog about blogging.

Each month I publish blog reports detailing website traffic and social media numbers. These reports are published under the Reports category.

Thirdly, reverse the crush is a blog about dividends.

Prior to eluding the 9 to 5, I was an avid dividend investor chasing FI without an outlet to document it.

After taking a year off to search for more purpose, I realized that dividend investing is my ultimate ambition.

I look forward to documenting the process of reversing the crush.

All photos and opinions are my own.

 Twitter: @reversethecrush | Pinterest: eludethe9to5