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  • The Adventure Continues


    I started off the morning by moving the office chair out to the balcony.  Sometimes a change in environment is exactly what is needed. I should be enjoying the weather out here more often during the summer mornings, although, I could definitely live without my cat continuing to confuse the garden planters with his litter box.  […]

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  • Six Goals for June


    I’m definitely late to the show for June.  The goals actually should’ve been released during the first week of the month, but now, the half way point will have to do. The reason for the tardiness is really quite simple.  I’ve just been going with the flow. And seemingly, going with the flow has been […]

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  • The Eventually Mantra


    We have all met someone with the eventually mantra.  You know, that person that keeps putting things off and making excuses.  They are masters of disguise and rationalization.  They are oblivious to realize that they are hiding behind a mountain of insecurity. Wearing a constant mask, they talk themselves out of everything.  A demoralizing shadow […]

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  • Mid Year Ambitions Re-Up


    May 30th marked the six month anniversary for Reverse the Crush.  I can hardly believe where the time went.  Originally I planned on celebrating by releasing a post on the 30th, but happened to get caught up in a flurry of spontaneity the past few days. Even more unbelievable than how fast the time has […]

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  • The Past Few Days


    I’m somewhere out in the boons, writing to you from a one hundred year old home that use to be a bank.  And this place is pretty swell!  It’s complete with ten foot ceilings, a backyard, and a deck.  Little things I’ve grown to miss while living in the city.  Another change that’s unfamiliar is […]