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  • 5 Goals for October

    goals for October

    For those of you that follow my personal Twitter account, you might have noticed some unusual behaviour as of late. Call it an experiment or whatever you want. However, what actually happened is much different than you think. You see, it was a friends move-in day. And we all know the chaos that comes with those events. I stopped […]

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  • Reasons to Gush About Blogging

    Costa Rica

    Again I’m on another delirious rant about blogging. The skills gained and enjoyment from it are just so outlandishly obvious now. Those realizations combined with the direction society is headed has me thinking that everyone should start a blog. Because let’s be honest. Were moving towards a show-me-what-you’ve-done culture as a opposed to the traditional […]

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  • Five Reasons to Never Settle

    5 Reasons to Never Settle

    Five Reasons to Never Settle The chance at a commonplace life is slowly beginning to elude me. I’m at an odds with the world and in contradistinction with the universe. Whoever is in charge has seemingly disqualified me from all of life’s regular festivities. But wait, hold on a second.  What the hell are you talking […]

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  • Goals for September

    Beer Flight from Bandit Brewery

    Performance review of the 5 goals for August  & 5 Brand-new Goals for September  I started off today by playing basketball instead of writing because I figured exercising, while enjoying what’s left of the sunny weather, would be the perfect way to start the day. But when I came back to write the goals for September and review the […]