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  • Results After 75 Trades


    It’s hard to believe that it’s been 2 months now since the last trading post was published. For those unfamiliar with Reverse the Crush, I quit the day job in pursuit of a more flexible lifestyle and to find more fulfilling work. Early on in this journey, I was focussed on day trading to finance […]

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  • June Goals Once-Over


    Here and there during the summertime, I like to go for walks and simultaneously write.  As a matter-of-fact, this happens to be the manner in which I’m writing this review post today. Sometimes a nice breezy walk is just what’s needed to get into the right frame of mind. Now, just past the half way […]

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  • The Adventure Continues


    I started off the morning by moving the office chair out to the balcony.  Sometimes a change in environment is exactly what is needed. I should be enjoying the weather out here more often during the summer mornings, although, I could definitely live without my cat continuing to confuse the garden planters with his litter box.  […]